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Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are born artists.” We all know how natural it is for kids to play and use art as an interactive and productive means. With visual and cognitive gains, being around art is just as beneficial for development. And, of course, it goes without saying how the energy of a room can shift by the artwork it showcases! As we explore how art for kids rooms brings out the best of your child’s young years, get to know how to bring out the best of your child’s imagination.

Artwork in the Nursery

Creating energy in a baby’s room is a practice usually discussed even before its arrival. Soft shapes, colour and composition all have a part to play in creating a warm yet soothing environment. Pastels are always a favourite, and the inviting, playful nature of abstracts can be a great place to start bringing in elements of colour and tone. Why not start introducing some of the oldest stories in the world into their own through colourful, symbolic and historic Indigenous art?

Art passed through generations: In this vibrant piece Lupul, Ena Lane Napangardi tells the tale passed down to her by father, Long Tom Tjapanangka

Art for the Toddler & Preschooler

As the months roll into years, a toddler develops more and more curiosity about the world around them, and learns to develop the communicative and emotional skill needed to express thoughts and feelings that go beyond the basic. A refinement in motor skills allows them to access and realise their active imagination; consequently, observing art can help fuel that creativity. Abstract takes on figurative landscapes and portraits aid the weird and wonderful way toddlers perceive the world. Adding a splash of colour additionally brings a fun and light vibe into the home!

The Mountain Terrain landscape as depicted by Susan Trudinger encourages a fun, fluid way of interacting with the world around us

Art in the School Kids Room

Oh, how they grow up! At this age, kids have a whole lot of personality and their curiosity about the world is piqued. What interests they have become unique, which in turn should be reflected in the decor of the kids room they come back to everyday after school. Whether it’s dinosaur paintings, animal art or abstracts of all things pink – feeding into this is important, as each interest indicates full realms of exploration in childhood.

“Hours and hours of lego as a child, hours and hours of painting as an adult – the two were destined to combine…” Ben Sherar dedicates this Spaceman to his childhood past times

No one knows your child better than you do, so whatever you see them getting excited about – go with that. Our gift centre is a great place to get started with getting artwork that boosts their creativity and intrigue!

Art for the Teen

Choosing a piece for the teen or tween who’s thirteen going on thirty takes the challenge up a notch. Whereas younger ages tend to benefit more from bolder borderline maximalist paintings, choosing a theme or subject matter that suits their choice of interior is a more fitting approach. Take, for example, the crisp, calming notes of floral-filled photography, or the pleasing aesthetics of an sensational seascapes. Our curations are a great way to scout out artworks running with particular threads.

Brooke Walker consigns The Opposition / Internal Reality to the interconnected relationship between horses and humans in a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere that’s current with today’s interior trends

Once you have a theme in mind or have a colour palette to work with, you can start to get stuck into the finer details. For instance, if you’re looking for art for the children’s room on a family friendly budget, prints are fantastic for furnishing a space with character without the high cost. Our curation exploring Art for Kids Rooms  is a treasure trove of pieces for young ones; other curations look at those pieces apt for big kids too! And as always, our complimentary art advisory is here to give you a head start in tracking down the dream piece for your children’s place of rest.

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