Bluethumb Introduces Framing!

Fun fact: Back in 15th century Europe, only churches and the wealthiest of wealthy would need to have frames commissioned. Sometime in the 19th century, with the invention of photography, they became a regular feature of more households. Now, fast forward to today, and framing an artwork isn’t just a status symbol or a fancy extra – they’re the finishing touch to a piece, both protecting and integrating an artwork into a space.

Most of us see framing an artwork as an unspoken obligation that means extra time, money, effort and patience. We want you to know, we’ve been there. This week, Bluethumb launches the answer to everyone’s prayers: framing options directly via our website. Hallelujah!

Our recent partnership with local Melbourne-based framers are a perfect match! Featured: Expect the Unexpected by Karen Hammat‘s currently hanging in Melbourne Square

How Bluethumb Framing Works

Bluethumb has recently teamed up with established framing partners across Australia. These partners have been chosen by their expertise and their status as a VIP framing service. For the past month, our framing service has been available on a selection of canvas paintings. Soon, we’ll see prints, photographs, and works on paper also have framing as an easy add-to-cart option!

On each artwork listing, you’ll see three different types of custom-made Tassie oak frames, available in natural timber, white and black. Each frame is made to order and then hand-delivered where possible by our framing partners at a time suited to you. Now the only question left is, which colour? Well, we’re here to help you with that, too.

How to Choose the Frame for Your Artwork

Now that the hard lug of finding a framing service is solved, choosing the right frame really comes down to two things: the art it’s framing, and the wall you’ll be hanging the piece on. “If you really want the artwork to stand out, choose a contrasting colour to the wall,” Our Interiors guru Alexandra Stavrou adds. “The best matches are frames that pick up on an accent of colour in the artwork and the decor it’s situated amongst.” Read on for further tips and to see some of our favourite artworks recently framed!

The Black Frame

A black frame will highlight the darker features in your artwork and act as a contrast to lighter tones. It’s best to use a piece that shows both highlights and shadows with a black frame to keep a sense of balance. Below is a recent commissioned piece that shows just how to work a black frame to the fullest!

One of our latest projects for framing: a shocking 2.5m wide commission by Robert Hagan!

The White Frame

The subtle yellows and lighter colours come to life in this abstract by Dinah Wakefield. See more photos from this recent project for Melbourne Square here.

Similar to black, white frames generate an equally tonal vibe. The darkness in an artwork becomes accentuated, and subtly blend light tones into the background. Black and white photography particularly suits these light frames, as do artworks that are simple in subject or perhaps use a strong sense of line. A lighter frame is best for simple or casual pieces, whereas darker frames hold up well against formal, more traditional styles.

Did you know our framing partners offer hanging services too? Perfect for those large statement pieces! Featured here is Gilgamesh King of Uruk by Estelle Asmodelle.

The Oak Frame

From our first trials of framing, this natural timber might just be our most popular! And it’s easy to see why: versatile, easy-going and subtle, an oak frame ties nicely to light coloured walls and art of all styles. With landscapes and seascapes being such sought out subject matter, oak pairs beautifully with vistas, nature and still life. If you’re looking to integrate a bright and bold piece, oak is great for that, too.

Matchy matchy! An oak frame adds coalescence between the decor
and this stunning piece by Margaret Kemarre Ross.

So before you start making that trip to K-Mart, consider a frame that will help you make your wall art a show piece. If you’re using our framing service, we’d love to see these fitted up. Share your new #mybluethumbart on Instagram to win! Every month we’ll award our favourite collector photo on Instagram with a $500 art voucher.

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  1. Bei says:

    Dear Bluethumb team member,

    Is this framing service available to those artworks that have been delivered ? As I can see the framing service options on the webpages for those already bought pieces.

    And is there price difference between the sizes of different art pieces? $260 is kind of expensive. But if the frames are all tailor-made then it is reasonable. So are they all tailor-made?

    Your reply at your early convenience will be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    • Grace Wye says:

      Hi Bei,

      Thanks for checking in about this. All bespoke frames are custom-made for each artwork; the price also includes delivery and insurance. We can arrange framing for artworks purchased on Bluethumb 🙂

      For more info please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thanks!
      Grace @ Bluethumb

  2. Angelene Penalurick says:

    The painting commissioned by Robert Hagen with the horses & cattle could you please tell me who the artist was. Kind Regards Angelene Penalurick

  3. Lynette M Williamson says:

    Good morning,

    I have recently purchased a painting via Bluethumb and would like to frame it.

    Can Bluethumb refer me to a list of Brisbane framers. I reside in Bardon Qld 4065.

    Thanking you.

    Lynette Williamson

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