Introducing the Bluethumb Office Dogs

It’s high time we introduced some important members of the Bluethumb team. Our furry friends often keep us company in our Melbourne and Adelaide galleries, spending their days getting many pats and cuddles. Office pets have been proven to lead to happier employees, so we feel pretty blessed to have five dogs at work. Get to know the different Bluethumb office dogs and their unique personalities below.


Art dog Grungle

After so many photoshoots for Bluethumb, Grungle is comfortable in front of the camera!

The most famous of our dog squad, Grungle is PR & Communications Manager Freddy’s fur-child. He’s a gorgeous and gentlemanly Jack Russell who often stars in many of our Instagram posts and blogs. Never without his glittery pink bow, you can often find Grungle following Freddy around – or else looking politely up at you in the hopes of a treat! A man of refined taste with a fair disposition, Grungle has attended many of Melbourne’s art events and climate strikes.


Black french bulldog on grey dog bed

Frankie spends most of her days at Bluethumb snoozing beneath George’s desk – or else sprinting to the door whenever visitors arrive.

Frankie is another long-standing member of the Bluethumb team. Belonging to co-founder George, Frankie is a star of her own making with her own Instagram account. As a French bulldog, she’s not the most expressive dog, but don’t confuse that with a lack of personality! She adores butt scratches, greeting whoever comes to the door with a friendly woof and maintaining her mysterious air. You can never predict what she’ll do next or what is going through her mind – but there’s a lot of charm to this eccentric cutie.


Art dog Banksy the black labrador

Banksy is Bluethumb’s newest hire! His job is to man our new Adelaide gallery and greet everyone who enters with a sniff and a wag.

The only canine to be employed at our newly opened Adelaide gallery, Banksy is a young black labrador pup who has already shown an appreciation for the finer things in life. His delicate palette means that he loves to snack on the freshest of flowers (preferably ones still growing) – although he doesn’t mind the taste of his comforting blankie which is never far from his side! This precocious pup can already sit on command and when he gets too rowdy (as a youngster is prone to do!) it’s always jazz music that calms him right back down. Naturally with such refined taste and proud Aussie spirit, he has a passion for ethical Indigenous art, with everything from his food bowl to his bed cover celebrating Aboriginal art. Although he lives with our art advisor Amelia, it’s no secret that at work his best bud is our managing director Ed!


Office dog Tenia with headphones on

Smartrmail dog Tenia has amazing customer service skills! Who can say no to that gorgeous face?

With her luscious flaxen fur and gentle nature, Golden Retriever Tenia is the calmest of the dogs. Although French is her first language, she’s quickly learning to bark in English and has had no communication issues with the other Melbourne dogs. Despite being a giant amongst them, she still spends countless afternoons playfully wrestling in the backyard of our Melbourne gallery. When she’s not working hard with the Smartrmail team who share our space, loyal Tenia is most likely chasing balls at home, sniffing butts at the park or swimming in the salty sea.


bluethumb office dog Misty

Misty might be getting on in years – but she doesn’t know it!

Senior dog Misty doesn’t come to work as frequently as the other dogs – the journey can be a bit tiring on her elderly legs. At the ripe old age of 16, she’s going strong despite being blind in one eye. Another Jack Russell in the office mix, she cheerily accompanies our photographer – that’s me – on the train once a week. Never without a smile and with her tail set on auto-wag, she has a youthful nature that still gets her confused for a puppy even in her twilight years. Outside the office you’ll catch her refusing to wear any clothing (much to her owner’s disappointment!) or contentedly napping in the sun.

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  1. DIANNE Colk says:

    What a great introduction to the Bluethumb office dogs!
    Thanks Freddy.

  2. Ian Taylor says:

    Had to laugh at your description of Grungle. We had a Jack Russell, who exhibited none of those qualities! “gorgeous and gentlemanly , refined taste with a fair disposition, ” – ours was scruffy and obstreperous, vulgar and wilful, ball-obsessed, and a master of hurtling in a straight line to his objective regardless of whatever was in his path (like my vintage 1950s Maton archtop guitar on one occasion). His catchcry was “get out of the way, dog coming through”. If ever there was a dog that would fight everyone in the pub, Jack was it! Yours, on the other hand, looks delightful.

  3. Pip Phelps says:

    What a gorgeous lady Misty is! Bless 💖

  4. Annis J Woods says:

    How wonderful. I bet they love coming to work! My dog Melody is the latest in a long line of Jack Russell’s we have owned. She is a rescue dog that was caught roaming in Broome. She is approximately 9 months old and is scared of a lot of things (obviously had a lot of bad experiences before we got her) But her new found love is being an artists assistant. She loves keeping me company while I paint and is always getting covered in pastel dust either off the floor or where she’s had a rummage through the bin!

  5. Lisa Collis says:

    How wonderful to see and read about the furry, four legged friends in your workplace. I hope more people follow your lead of enjoying the benefits of having pets in the work place.

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