Our Adelaide Gallery Launch

With wildly diverse art styles hailing from across all parts of the country, showcasing the many talents of the Home of Australian Artists is no easy feat. Following the success of our gallery in Melbourne, Bluethumb’s physical presence has now expanded interstate! Here’s all you need to know about the much-anticipated launch of our new Adelaide Gallery.

After a busy couple of weeks prepping the space and hanging artworks, Bluethumb’s Adelaide Gallery is now open for business! Photo: Wendy Philip

Showing art from the remote deserts to the tropical beaches of this talented country, the team has worked tirelessly to bring together a curation of Australia’s finest. “I’d say our main theme is ‘Bluethumb has everything and anything’,” says Bluethumb’s resident Art Advisor Amélia Davis. “This is our opening curation, so it’s a showcase of the incredible variety Bluethumb has to offer.”

Instant Bluethumb payment methods. Photo of 2 blue chairs in front of pastel colour beach scene artworks.

“Our ‘beach’ corner of the gallery is very popular with the summery themes of Ashley Bunting, Claire McCall, and Mia Laing’s vibrant works. I’m not allowed to play favourites, but I must say these paintings bring me a lot of joy in the depth of winter!”

“There’s a mix of local SA talent including Ross Morgan, who has just finished illustrating a children’s book, and the highly collectable Brooke Walker,” Amélia explains. “Expect to see work by artists from Indigenous Art Centres around Australia, the incredible Tasmanian landscape artist Elaine Green, and some of our bestsellers such as Marnie McKnight as well as the ever-popular Sophie Lawrence. We’ve also started to introduce sculpture for the first time, which is extremely exciting. We have Eamonn Vereker‘s incredible glassworks, and of course the Tjanpi Desert Weavers sculptural animals.”

Injalak‘s signature rarrk artworks and Tjanpi’s sculptures, alongside contemporary realist artist Mia Laing

The gallery is open for a visit from 9am-4pm Tuesday to Friday – and of course, we’re always online 24/7. “With broad banks of sunny windows filled with amazing Australian artworks, we’re already attracting lots of attention from the locals and passersby on King William Road,” Marketing & Growth Manager Julian Casson says. “We’d love to continue to offer Adelaide an approachable, affordable and friendly new gallery.”

Art dog Banksy the black labrador

Meet Banksy, our newest employee at the Adelaide Gallery. When there’s this little guy on meet and greet duties, who could resist coming in to say hi?

“The Adelaide gallery is a snapshot or cross section of Bluethumb in the flesh,” Bluethumb co-founder Ed Hartley explains. “We love seeing how people react and interact with the art before their very eyes, getting their feedback and bringing to life the ‘Home of Australian Artists.'” Whether you want to mull over the collection before seeing it up close or can’t make the trip in person, you can flick through what’s currently on the walls by viewing our online Adelaide Gallery curation here.

Co-founder Ed Hartley with a sneak peek of what’s on show in the gallery.

While things may be somewhat uncertain for the future, the space is a ready home for our growing ambitions. Pop-up events, exhibitions and viewings are all examples of what’s to come, as well as hosting user-testing sessions. “In these sessions, people can drop by and tell us about their experiences using Bluethumb,” Julian says. “This feedback is invaluable to help ensure we keep improving Bluethumb, making it the best experience it can be.”

Come for the landscapes; stay for everything else.

Find us at 72A King William Road in Goodwood, SA. We’re open 9am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday.

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  1. Virginia mcgowan says:

    Superbly fabulously wonderful. Congratulations.

  2. Myriam Pritchard says:

    Congratulations Bluethumb on opening your new gallery in Adelaide!! 🖼🎈
    Well done Amélia, what a splendid job you did! Very beautiful! You are a star! 🥂
    A very inviting gallery with a magnificent & varied display, which will have its prime place in the Adelaide art world.
    I wish I could pop up from the other side of the world to visit…
    All my best wishes and love…and a cuddle to my new ‘grand-dog’ 🖤

  3. Good luck with the new gallery in Adelaide, not far from where I used to live in Young St Unley.

  4. Carol lindsay says:

    Congratulations Blue thumb , I’m looking forward to visiting Adelaide , it just looks so inviting and a very special place to enter 👩‍🎨🎨💜

  5. Pam Amos says:

    I am a bluethumb artist and I live in Adelaide.
    Just inquiring how an artist gets their artwork hung in the new gallery in Adelaide, please.
    Thank you

  6. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! Great to see the business growing, keen to see if pop ups will take place in other cities too.

  7. Kat Schmitt says:

    Congratulations on your official opening!! What a great location😊 I visited recently and the selection of art was beautiful. I can’t wait to see your next exhibition.
    Cheers Kat

  8. Dona Cook says:

    I have left messages but I have not been contacted and would like to know more about possibly joining ….
    Would you kindly reply
    Dona Roxana Cook

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