Bluethumb’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – at least, it was until you thought about all the gifts you still need to buy before the holidays. Family member who already has everything? Check. Special someone? Check. Colleague in work’s Secret Santa you barely know? Check, check, check. Welcome to Christmas chaos! Fortunately, the team at Bluethumb have you covered this silly season. Below are our five top tips to blissed out gift shopping!

All that festive gift shopping has left Bluethumb’s office dog Grungle exhausted!

Shop Local

It’s no secret that finding the perfect present can be a real headache – hours of energy, effort and money all come into play. It means so much more when someone has taken time to carefully choose your present. More often than not, a local business is likely to offer products that are unique, well-designed and allow a community’s talent to flourish. Better yet; knowing you are supporting someone else’s dream by buying local makes gift-giving feel good.

Buying local and independent supports artists and creatives like Katherine Gailer in Melbourne.

Looking for art hailing from your state? You can now check out the work of Bluethumb artists by state on our website. Shopping local doesn’t get easier than doing it from your own home!

Google Your Way to Great Gifts

If you pride yourself on going the extra mile with gift-giving, the Internet is literally at your fingertips. Google recently announced that mobile searches for “thoughtful” gifts have increased over 150% over the past two years. Getting specific with your search terms can help discover rare gems hiding in unturned places. On the hunt for a piece for an art enthusiast? Bluethumb’s search filters can unearth distinctive artwork, whatever style or taste you’re buying for.

Gallery Opening: Do your research first

Using social media to spark your imagination is always a brill idea too!

Check out The Gift Centre

Whether you’re looking for something in particular or are in need of some inspo, Bluethumb’s gift centre is a hub of present-appropriate art. Curated by category, the gift centre is a great place to get started with finding an artwork for all ages. If you’re still feeling undecided, our free art advisory service is here to lend a helping hand all year round.

tips for buying art at an art fair

Bluethumb’s interior designer Alex left this attendee dazzled at a recent event with her professional art advisory.

…Or Give the Gift of Choice

We all have that one relative you can depend on for your yearly supply of bad comical socks during the festive season, but in this day and age, there’s just no need to be that person. Gift vouchers allow others to choose their own prezzies, no matter if that person is your bestie or a colleague you’ve spoken to twice in the past six months. What’s more, you can avoid the Christmas commotion of last-minute gift purchases. Everyone wins!

commission an artwork

Featuring a piece by Australiana queen Sally Browne, our stunning gift vouchers are works of art themselves!

Get one of our snazzy Christmas vouchers customised and sent straight to your lucky loved one’s inbox! Click here to find out more.

Don’t Forget about Numero Uno

How many times have you found something you like and will happily buy it for others, but can’t seem to justify buying it for yourself? We’re all guilty of it. Similarly, we all know how good it feels to give and receiving from others feels pretty good too. This two-in-one deal doesn’t have to break the bank; something small can be an equal act of love to the most important person in your life. (Hint: that’s you!)

Art Collector's Home: Bluethumb Curator Sarah Hughes

Office dog Tippa loves treating himself to another artwork on his gallery wall!

While we may have reached the cut-off period for shipping in time for Christmas, there’s still time to get some gorgeous gifts in your stocking before Christmas – head over to our website to purchase a voucher or speak to our awesome team for advice.

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