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New year, new colours, new trends – and we couldn’t be more excited! Among the interior trends of the past year, we’ve seen Pantone’s colour of 2019 living coral dashed in artworks throughout the past 12 months. In line with other trends predicted for 2019, we’ve observed an increase in still life art reflecting home decor trends, featuring subjects like glass objects and homeware with character. We’ve witnessed vintage design on the up, as well as pastels and neutrals as predicted by paint brand and colour connoisseur Dulux. As the year draws to a close, our interior designer Alex Stavrou has been looking out for the next big trends to hit 2020. Luckily for us, she’s terrible at keeping secrets! Here’s what we can expect to see most of in the world of art and design.

Forecasted Colour Trends of 2020

Colour institution Pantone has a weighty voice when it comes to the colour of the year. Living coral, the chosen hue of 2019, evoked “an animating and life affirming” quality. This choice directly responded to the ever-increasing rise in social media communication and living with technology. As bestseller Marnie McKnight continues her strong presence on Bluethumb, we’ve seen her work with coral throughout the past year, complimenting its energizing nature perfectly with soothing shades of blue.

As can be seen Alchemy Blue, Marnie McKnight’s signature subject matter customarily brings pastel hues and coral with the deepest depths of blue. Maybe she’s psychic?

Only last week did Pantone tip classic blue as the Colour of the Year 2020. Being lovers of all things blue, we’re all too happy to back this year’s choice! “I’m thrilled to see Classic Blue as the colour of 2020,” adds Alex. “It’s a rich, deep, yet very calming colour. Perfect to use as a feature and to bring in with art & soft furnishings. For maximum impact, we’ll be seeing it this coming year with other soothing hues and neutrals.”

Discover Lloyd Hornsby‘s Salt Water People in Alex’s recent curation celebrating 2020’s interior trends

Dulux recently made a similar forecast over 2020s colours, citing various shades of blue in their Comeback trend. Other trends Dulux predicts to shape the future colours of next year are a tonal green palette set to Cultivate, and Grounded, which encourages warmth and a less-is-more approach with a simple, neutral palette. “To me, a natural and neutral palette will never date,” Alex explains. “Keep your base natural and work in trending colours in changeable features like cushions & throws.”

“The colours in Schooner are a range of greys and browns, with a touch of black oil pastel and deep gold which adds a contrasting reflective element,” explains artist Stephanie Laine

Get the Natural Look

We all know how good it feels to get into nature for a few days. Why not bring nature to you? When deciding on materials for your home’s decor, bypass the industrial metals and concrete and go for natural substances. Think untreated wood, minimally processed fabric and natural stone. The Grounded colour palette as set by Dulux is guaranteed to flow well with this interior trend. For a harmonious pop, opt for the greens in Dulux’s Cultivate trend.

art collector's home: Bluethumb curator Sarah Hughes

Once a branch, now a trend: Bluethumb curator Sarah brings the feel of the forest into her Melbournian home with her hanging plant pot feature

Curves for Days: The Feminine Shapes Trend

Recent years have seen more and more interior stylists stray away from linear design and steer closer towards the curve. Stylists across the country agree that 2020 will see much more of the feminine in interior decor and furnishings. “I couldn’t agree more with this and I love it! Hard lines & sharp edges of post-modern minimalist design are almost a thing of the past, making way for soft curves and natural shapes. Welcome this trend with art.” To make the most of 2020’s trend, Alex notes that softer shapes contrast well with bold, raw materials in the home. When looking for art to compliment your home, work that explores feminine silhouettes and shapes can create a smooth and elegant touch to your surroundings.

Handstand 2 by James Needham celebrates and empowers the female form with soft texture and light colour

View the curves and beauty of women’s bodies from an artist’s eye with our recent curation of Feminine Shapes.

Embracing the Chaos: The Eclectic Glamour Trend

We saw the beginning of Eclectic Clutter take form this year; stylists have tipped 2020 to be the year its sassy, confident sister trend comes into interiors. This is the opportunity to bring out the retro furniture, add lashings of mismatched decor from a variety of eras and watch it all come together. Use art to tie your interiors altogether – this could be through fun or quirky subject matter, colours that compliment, or a statement piece that gets everyone talking.

hanging multiple artworks

Bluethumb PR an Comms Manager and anti-minimalist Freddy Grant hit local newspapers this year with his stunning weatherboard home. Read his tips on hanging art to make your home your very own gallery

Find art that emulates the trend in this year’s curation Eclectic Clutter.

The Bespoke Trend: Made by Hand, Made with Love

2019 saw a huge upsurge in interior trends focusing on individuality and self-expression. The bespoke never goes out of fashion. Self-expression and personality in the home is one of the best ways to bring comfort into your own space, as well as the assurance your house really is like no other! This year, add heart and soul to your home by bringing in the organic and original touches of beauty in the handmade. “This is a fun trend that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Anything goes, and why not? It’s all about combining different colours, textures and embracing your personal style.” Following this year’s rapid incline of commission requests, we can confirm that bespoke art is set to boom next year. What’s more, it’s never been easier to acquire. For more details on getting a piece made, see our blog on all the whats, hows and whys of commissioning an artwork.

In the studio of Bluethumb artist Michelle Keighley

With their knowledge of trends in design, artists like Michelle Keighley are popular with interior designers and collectors alike. Michelle is no newbie to commissions and loves getting involved in those bespoke pieces!

Whether you’re sprucing up your home or starting from scratch, Alex is here to lend a helping hand! Our art advisory service is free of charge and fuss. Click here to get started! Want some instant inspo? View her recent curation crowning 2020’s trends here.

woman admiring sculptures in art gallery
Australian Art Trends 2019


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