Interior Design Tips to Create the Office of Your Dreams

Recently we paired up with designer furniture store Matt Blatt to transform our meeting room at Bluethumb HQ in Collingwood. As you can see in the ‘before’ photo below, the interior design of the space left much to be desired, and with no art on the walls it didn’t stand up to our #nonudewalls philosophy either. We already had six Matt Blatt Replica Eames DSW Chairs, but we needed some help from their professionals to really get the design ball rolling.

We spoke with Judyta Hulmes, in-house stylist at Matt Blatt, about what makes a fantastic, contemporary meeting-cum-office space and to get some design inspiration.

interior design before

Our office pre-makeover – what a mess!

Interior Design 101: Function vs. Form

According to Judyta, functionality is top of the list when it comes to office interior design, but it’s also important for a space to feel inviting. “The key with any commercial space is that form will follow function,” she explains. “It’s important to select top quality furniture, as you need to remember that the wear and tear in a commercial setting is much more than at home.”

“For great meeting spaces, think about clean and open designs with simple furniture selections. This allows you to focus on the job at hand, but also create an atmosphere where people will want to spend time. The cosier and more inviting the space the more people will want to use it. This way people feel more comfortable, work longer and are more collaborative as part of a team.”

“There have been a number of studies which show that getting this mix [of form and function] right improves productivity and increases staff morale, so the benefits to your business can be huge.”

interior design mirror

How amazing is this tinted Banjo Mirror? It really makes the room feel bigger!

Cater to the Masses… Tastefully

One important difference in interior designing for the home and the office is the number of people who need to be in the space. “Living spaces are geared towards your personal taste. With any diverse organisation, this will only appeal to a few. Hence, it is important to put yourself in your colleagues’ shoes when making a selection. Clean modern designs often work best as a happy middle ground. This is not to say that your design cannot have personality, but make sure that you do so sparingly and with purpose.”

Interior design bird ornaments

Every office needs some feathered friends! Pictured: Replica Eames House Bird and the Oceano Toucan Noir, perched on the Replica Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componobili 3 Round.

Prioritise the Necessities

There’s a few things you should take into account when designing a contemporary interior working space. “Companies often think of technology as an afterthought,” says Judyta. “The modern working environment relies on everything from screens to conference phones. If you bear this in mind when thinking about the layout and function of the space, you’re more likely to end up in a great place that functions smoothly.”

A feeling of spaciousness and vibrancy is also important, which, here at Bluethumb, we’re all too aware of when it comes to our cozy meeting room. “As office space is at a premium, it is important to keep things light and open. White ceilings are a must, but keeping things too white, although great for space, will make the office feel clinical. Using natural materials such as slate, wood and marble also give added texture and make the space more inviting.”

interior design office

Working hard, or hardly working? The iconic Matt Blatt sock monkey gets down to business, next to these hard-to-kill pot plants and the Bella Table Runner.

Be Proud of Who You Are

Judyta also emphasises the importance of identity in the workplace. “Incorporating your brand identity in the interior design also serves as a gentle reminder of why we are here – to work!”

Lucky for us, Bluethumb is all about beautiful art, which looks fantastic in any office. Of course, not every brand is so easy to communicate in an aesthetically pleasing way – don’t be afraid to get in touch via [email protected] if you need a little help choosing art for your business!

Matt Blatt interior design

Our brand new meeting room! Duke the Horse (who is also a side table!) looks like he could add some fun and whimsy to even the longest of meetings. Also shown: the Replica Greta Grossman Grasshopper Floor Lamp, the Replica George Nelson Sunburst Clock, some more greenery and an Original Gloria Petyarre Cushion Cover

Some Easy Office Solutions

While every office is different, Judyta has some suggestions up her sleeve for key Matt Blatt pieces to give any workplace an instant boost. The Replica Eames DSW chairs we already owned look fantastic in all rooms, she says, and she also suggests the Hamilton Desk, the Aeron Chair and the Eames Group Chairs for anyone in search of stylish essentials.

Interior design and art

From drab to fab. Artworks shown: LV Banana limited edition print by Campbell La Pun, Blue Proteas in Cobalt Blue and Brown Danish Vase by Sally Browne and Seated by Angus Martin. We love this stylish fiddle leaf fig in the Agent 13 Pot Plant

The Makeover

After chatting to Judyta, we felt ready to take the plunge and transform our meeting room into a productive, energising and functional space. Obviously, a key feature of our room was always going to be some stunning Bluethumb art.

Rowena Cuschieri, Co-Manager at the Fitzroy Matt Blatt showroom, had some fantastic ideas based on our highly embarrassing ‘before’ shot. With her help, we managed to transport everything in one trip, and quickly went about setting it all up!

As you can see in the video above, everything came together beautifully, and the final shots speak for themselves! We couldn’t resist holding an impromptu brainstorming session straight after we’d finished – we have a feeling it’ll be the first of many.

Interior design

The Matt Blatt sock monkey had some great insights to share.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the team at Matt Blatt for helping us pull everything together! Be sure to check them out for your next interior design project.

new features test run
Our Brand New Look

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