We Made A Podcast! Introducing Art In My Home

Introducing Art In My HomeBluethumb’s first podcast! Join our hosts, Bluethumb Co-founder George Hartley and self-proclaimed art enthusiast Amy Varley, as they inspire listeners to trust their instincts, embrace creativity, and find joy in art.

Take a peek inside the homes of surprising guests with George and Amy every Thursday.

Discover the Latest Podcast for Art Lovers

We’re all born artists. Give any five-year-old pencils and paper, and they’ll create something wonderful. But when we grow up, art becomes intimidating. We’re conditioned to second-guess our taste in art. The pure joy of art a kid feels can get squashed. We want to change that.

Listen as George and Amy uncover the personal stories behind the art adorning the walls of their guests’ homes. From the emotional connections to artwork and the journey of building a collection, listeners will gain insight into the diverse and fascinating world of art collecting and much, much more!

The Art In My Home podcast showcases the incredible variety of art found in the homes of unexpected guests.

Everyday Collectors, Unexpected Stories

Art In My Home features some of Australia’s finest talent, from Artists and Interior Designers to AFL and reality TV stars. Listen to their unexpected stories and the tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout their art collecting journey.

But Art In My Home isn’t just about collecting art; it’s about celebrating the joy and beauty that art brings into our lives. By sharing the stories behind each piece, George and Amy hope to inspire listeners to embrace their creativity and find joy in surrounding themselves with art.

Eclectic living room with guitars, animal rug, plant and multiple artworks

Take a look inside the home of Australian artist Sally Browne. View her collectors’ home tour here, and keep an ear out for her upcoming podcast episode.

Where to Listen to Art In My Home

The first episode of Art In My Home featuring Freddy Grant is available now! You may remember Freddy as one of Bluethumb’s first employees and an integral part of Bluethumb’s growth during our inception. Freddy is now the Communications Manager at The Lume in Melbourne and an avid art collector. Amy and George chat to Freddy about posing nude in front of thousands of people, dinosaurs with t*ts and lots more! Stream it on Spotify here.

Tune in every Thursday on your preferred streaming service, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and get ready to be inspired by the incredible stories behind the art in our special guests’ homes. You can also watch the full podcasts on YouTube.

To stay up to date with all things Art in My Home and take a guess at next week’s special guest, follow the podcast Instagram page.

Listen to episode one now!

Join us on this journey as we look inside the walls of unexpected art enthusiasts – where every piece tells a story. Check out this week’s curation, Freddy Grant’s Picks and discover art handpicked by our first podcast guest!

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