Australian Art Trends 2019

2019 is coming to an end in just a few short weeks. While last week we looked ahead to what’s in store for 2020, this week we’re taking stock of the art trends in 2019. Discover our most shopped collections, mediums and styles from the year just past.

Acrylic Paint: 2019’s Most Popular Paint Medium

While oil paint is one of our most viewed mediums, it’s acrylics that our collectors hang on their walls most in 2019. A more affordable choice, acrylic paint gives artists the opportunity to produce colourful creations in a shorter amount of time because of their quick drying time. They’re also really easy to care for – just a quick dust every now and then will keep them looking super fine! For more advice on using and caring for acrylics, read our handy guide to acrylics.

Fine Art Photography: The Collection on the Rise

Art’s youngest medium took off in 2019. Following the integration of photography from its own separate site into the Bluethumb main site, the medium has gone from strength to strength. It was actually the most visited medium on Bluethumb this year! With all the extra attention photography now gets, it’s no surprise that 2019 has seen photography sales skyrocket. Get the low down on what to look for when collecting fine art photography here.

Classical Still Life Paintings: Revival of a Traditional Favourite

The Brevity of Life by Natasha Junmanee. Still life oil painting for sale on Bluethumb.

The Brevity of Life by Natasha Junmanee

Standing the test of time, classical still life paintings have risen in popularity amongst both artists and collectors this year. With more artists embracing photorealism and drawing inspiration from the masters, there was no shortage of dazzling still lifes available in 2019.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers: The Standout Indigenous Art Centre

woman admiring sculptures in art gallery

The Papas from Tjanpi Desert Weavers were a star at our Melbourne Gallery Launch

After sell out success at the Affordable Art Fair in September, it seems that we’re not alone in being obsessed with the woven sculptures of Tjanpi Desert Weavers. They were the talk of our Melbourne Gallery Launch with dedicated podiums scattered throughout the gallery and have proven a favourite at all subsequent events and art fairs. Not so secretly, everyone on the Bluethumb team is desperate to take one of these home. Between their rich organic raffia materials and expressive faces, what’s not to love?

Coastal Inspiration: Most Sought After Collections

beach painting

A standout seller – Marnie McKnight’s abstracts and beachscapes were among the most popular artworks this year. Crowded Coast by Marnie McKnight

Coastal inspired art dominated searches in 2019 so we’ve now introduced our new Beach and Seascapes collection. It seems we’re all dreaming of an escape to the sun and sand!

Commissioning Artworks: The New Favourite Way to Buy Art

commission an artwork

Sally Browne is a queen of commissions! With a highly impressive portfolio of commissioned paintings, Sally is happy to commission an artwork tailored to what you’re after.

Nothing beats a bespoke artwork, and it seems that in 2019 our collectors agreed. We received more commissions than ever this year with collectors all over the country getting the perfect piece tailor made for their needs. The benefits of commissioning a work are numerous (as outlined in our advice on how to commission an artwork), including asking your favourite artist to recreate a work that was snagged from under your feet, or get something that is the ideal size for your space.

Aboriginal Art: Cultural Appreciation Going Viral

Louise Numina paints signature Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves

Louise Numina's speed, accuracy and ability to mix colours are second to none. Deadly!See more of Louise's work:

Posted by Bluethumb on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

We went viral this year with our awe-inspiring video of talented Indigenous artist Louise Numina which garnered a whopping 1.3 million views on Facebook. It’s not just Louise basking in the glow of a successful year – our Aboriginal art collection has seen an uptick in our sales rankings this year. As a member of the Indigenous Art Code, we’re thrilled to see these results!

Buying Art Online: Onwards and Upwards

Art trends 2019: Buying art online will never die

As ever, buying art online is only growing more popular. With more and more collectors getting comfortable with the new way to shop for art and traditional bricks and mortar galleries struggling to keep up, platforms like Bluethumb have risen to further success this year. 2019 saw us hit multiple milestones and we recorded our best month ever – 5 times in a row!

2019 Best seller Franko in his studio
An Interview with Bluethumb’s Best Seller of 2019

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