10 Seascape Artists Making Waves in 2024

Each artist brings a unique perspective to the waves, exploring the depths of their connection with the ocean. Daring to capture the vast and dynamic ocean, these ten seascape artists are making a splash in 2024!

1. Claire McCall

Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Claire McCall’s signature seascapes feature the liberating strokes of a palette knife and a vivid portrayal of carefree children playing in the sand and surf. Her unique technique captures the fluidity of life, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the joyous simplicity of coastal scenes.

Two Friends II by Claire McCall. Shop framed wall art for the beach house online.

2. Alanah Jarvis

Residing in Bayside, Victoria, Alanah Jarvis masterfully crafts ocean scapes, using oil paintings to capture the dynamic essence of rolling movements and the mesmerising interplay of light on the water’s surface. As a former Scuba Instructor, her art beautifully encapsulates the tranquil experience of being in, on, under, or near water.

Ocean Paradise by Alanah Jarvis.

3. Lorena Chivu

Captivated by the allure of the South Coast in Wollongong, Lorena Chivu invites viewers to explore the intricacies of human connection with the ocean through her aerial landscapes. Her art encourages viewers to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the sea by providing a bird’s-eye view of a typical, picturesque beach day.

Cry Me An Ocean II aerial beach landscape by Lorena Chivu.

4. Emiley Rose

Emiley Rose skillfully blends Australian landforms and aerial perspectives in her abstract creations. Inspired by the Margaret River’s pristine beaches and the Kimberley region’s vibrant colours, Emiley experiments with fluid mediums and is influenced by the profound experience of motherhood.

Ocean Cove by Emiley Rose is the perfect coastal wall decor.

5. Carmen McFaull

Hailing from Dunsborough, Western Australia, Carmen McFaull’s loose, impressionistic style captures real-life situations and scenes, emphasising colour as the primary element in her compositions. Her art communicates a deep appreciation for the rugged coastal landscapes and the Australian environment.

Seascape art Dune Path by Carmen McFaull.

6. Steve Myers

Tasmania-based artist Steve Myers draws inspiration from the ocean, using it as an escape and a wellspring of inspiration. Having embraced surfing from age four, he is captivated by the wild West Coast’s energy and vastness, which evoke emotions he seeks to convey in his art. His paintings skillfully portray the beauty and remoteness of Tasmanian seascapes.

Gloomy dark seascape artwork, titled Cloudy Bay Lookout, Bruny Island, Tasmania by Steve Myers.

7. Jennifer Baxter

An emerging seascape artist, Jennifer Baxter draws inspiration from coastal landscapes along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and diverse terrains encountered during travels across Australia. Her portfolio features expressive and abstract depictions capturing the essence of each location, reflecting her deep connection to the Australian environment.

Abstract seascape wall art titled Beach Life In Altered Colours by Jennifer Baxter.

8. Leigh Eaton

Melbourne-based Leigh Eaton is a talented oil painter focusing on capturing the intrinsic beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes and seascapes. His work reflects a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail. Skillfully conveying the ocean’s dynamic power and the rhythmic slap of breaking waves, Leigh’s work transports the viewer to the coast.

Waves at Flinders by Leigh Eaton.

9. Stuart Chape  

Acclaimed photographer Stuart Chape, based in Kingscliff, New South Wales, specialises in aerial landscapes taken from helicopters and light aircraft. His ability to capture diverse subjects showcases unparalleled skill and artistry, leading him to stand-alone and contributory exhibitions in New York, Mexico City, Paris, and London. 

Rock Swimming Pool photographed by Stuart Chape.

10. Nic Human 

Adelaide-based artist Nic Human’s profound connection to the ocean is evident in his paintings. While exploring various subjects, his primary focus is marine life and the ocean. Nic delves into the emotional impact of human relationships with the ocean, inspired by his experiences at aquariums, snorkelling, and expeditions to remote beaches.

Zest by Nic Human captures the underwater sea life on canvas.

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  1. Sandra Messner says:

    Such beautiful seascape art.

  2. All such diverse artists, and so talented, particularly love the style of Jenny Baxter, she has worked tirelessly to develop her passion and it shows in the quality of her expression, love it!

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