Top 10 Photographers of 2023

Whether it’s by their impressive number of exhibitions, awards in prestigious prizes, academic achievements or all of the above, these photographers are at the top of their craft. In no particular order, we present Bluethumb’s top 10 photographers of 2023! Discover their work in this week’s Top Photography Artists of 2023 curation.

1. Lauren Starr

Lauren Starr intentionally photographs multiple scenes and masterfully blends them in post-production to create something altogether otherworldly. She won the overall Bluethumb Art Prize in 2022 with her intricate, ethereal-like photograph titled Midas’ Daughter II – Golden Still Life. Lauren has won the Photography Category Award for two consecutive years, with Memento Mori – A Colour Flower Feast victorious the year prior. Shop her symbol-rich, painterly shots online today.

Midas' Daughter II by Lauren Starr, a Top 10 Photographers of 2023

Midas’ Daughter II by Lauren Starr.

2. Nadia Culph

Nadia Culph is a Bluethumb Art Prize 2021 and 2022 finalist. Through the camera lens, Nadia aims to bring the intricate details of Australian nature to the forefront of the viewer’s mind. Her still life photographs expertly capture the movement and vivid colours of native flora. “They are a reminder to stop and smell the roses, slow down, and appreciate the little things,” said Nadia.

Dahlia Ed. 8 of 50 by Nadia Culph, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

Dahlia Ed. 8 of 50 by Nadia Culph.

3. Brent Lukey

A finalist in Bluethumb Art Prize three years in a row, Brent Lukey’s dynamic portraits are the perfect way to add fine art photography to your collection. “Photographs capture how time and place can reflect our sense of self and how we interact with the spaces around us. Our identity, vulnerability and intimacy with each other and objects,” said Brent.

It Only Happens a Few Times Ed. 1 of 5 by Brent Lukey, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

It Only Happens a Few Times Ed. 1 of 5 by Brent Lukey.

4. Glenn Homann

This photographer is one for the dystopian fanatics and daydreamers. Glenn Homann captures rural and industrial scenes in such a way they feel fictitious. Can you believe he takes and edits his photos on an iPhone? Carrying around a compact phone camera has inspired Glenn’s attention to detail and heightened his spontaneity, resulting in a candid take on the beauty of the ordinary.

X-ing Ed. 1 of 25 by Glenn Homann, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

X-ing Ed. 1 of 25 by Glenn Homann.

5. Alex Frayne

South Australian photographer Alex Frayne began his love affair with film and images during his earliest school days. Having studied the medium at school and university, his passion has evolved into a lifelong devotion and celebrated career. This Collectable Artist’s talent is as dynamic as the diverse Australian landscapes he photographs. Read our Q&A with Photography Legend Alex Frayne.

Tall Grass Ed. 2 of 5 by Alex Frayne, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

Tall Grass Ed. 2 of 5 by Alex Frayne.

6. Stacey Parsons

Stacey Parsons is a proud Wakka Wakka/ Widi woman living and working in Barada Barna country in Northern Queensland. A skilled photographer influenced by her Aboriginal culture, Stacey’s images of people and places are rich in meaning. Her female subjects are adorned in traditional dress and ochre body paint. New to Bluethumb, Stacey’s love for photography knows no bounds, and we’re excited to see her career flourish. 

She is Her Ed. 1 of 10 by Stacey Parsons, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

She is Her Ed. 1 of 10 by Stacey Parsons.

7. Andrew Rovenko

During Melbourne’s 6th COVID-19 lockdown, photographer Andrew Rovenko made a space helmet and suit for his four-year-old daughter fascinated by the night sky. While looking for stories within their 5k radius, the photos they captured put a fun spin on the sad reality. “We’ll outgrow the costume. But the time spent together exploring and imagining is one special gift to keep,” said Andrew.

The View Ed. 7 of 25 by Andrew Rovenko, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

The View Ed. 7 of 25 by Andrew Rovenko.

8. Ebony Finck

Ebony Finck has built her practice divided between Australia and the USA. What sets her work apart is its deep dive into the fragility of human existence and psyche. In her exploration, Ebony examines the transient nature of life and our emotions via landscape, animal and human form. Having exhibited worldwide, including at the National Portrait Gallery London and Copenhagen Photo Festival, Ebony’s work is delicate and complex.

Untitled 1, Blue Ed. 2 of 7 by Ebony Finck, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

Untitled 1, Blue Ed. 2 of 7 by Ebony Finck.

9. Ushi Grant

Ushi Grant is a Bluethumb Art Prize 2021 finalist. She uses photography to explore and find moments in our urban life that celebrate the magic of people in their everyday activities. Ushi also explores the seemingly mundane urban and industrial landscapes that the casual observer often bypasses. Through the use of colour, light and shadow, she examines and captures the essential geometry of our urban spaces.

The Swimmer Ed. 1 of 20 by Ushi Grant, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

The Swimmer Ed. 1 of 20 by Ushi Grant.

10. Jeff Caulfield

Through his work, Jeff Caulfield explores themes of sexual desire, consumerism and physical strength. Jeff views photography as a means of self-reflection. “The models within my work represent me, and their sculpted bodies illustrate the decades of martial arts, resistance training, and my constant drive for self-mastery. And that of self-development in general, mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually,” said Jeff.

The Fallen Ed. 1 of 15 by Jeff Caulfield, a Top 10 Photographer of 2023

The Fallen Ed. 1 of 15 by Jeff Caulfield.

Congratulation to the Top 10 Photographers of 2023! View this week’s curation, Top Photography Artists of 2023, and discover their unique photographic styles.

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  1. Exceptional photography!! The images above have inspired me to add some of my Photographs onto my Bluethumb account. Each photographer has their own unique style and wonderful expression!

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