3D artwork will support 3 artists with intellectual disability for a year

Artist Erin Nichols and furniture maker Lars Laug have given definition to the meaning of a complete art experience. Their “3D painting” of an urban scene in Japan draws you inside the frame. It is a rainy day, the blues reflecting the wet and cold weather. The work is emotive and intriguing, evoking a story of a lone man in a suit walking to who knows where. “When you stare at it, you are almost transported to that rainy laneway,” says Lars.

Handkrafted-006Rainy Day in 3D by Lars Laug and Erin Nichols

The collaboration is part of our initiative Created With Care, combining the artistic talents of artists from Bluethumb and furniture makers from Handkrafted, to create one-of-a-kind creations that are being auctioned online for charities the collaborators care about.

Erin_Arts Project Australia1-Collage_CroppedErin Nichols’s recent work including the inspiration behind Rainy Day in 3D 

Erin and Lars evolved the Rainy Day illustration from Erin’s recent A Year In Japan series. Their piece is essentially the 3-dimensional version of that artwork. They worked together initially, with Erin designing the layers whilst Lars crafted them. Erin then painted all the pieces in her distinctive style, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli animations. Lars finally put the jigsaw together and his major creative input can be seen in the frame which reflects the Japanese design.

Japanese Frame on Rainy DayJapanese Framework of the Rainy Day in 3D by Lars Laug

It is rare to see such admiration and team spirit from people who were recently strangers. “Working with Erin was a good experience as I have not to date worked with someone with such an eye for detail,” says Lars. “It really made me think about how I approach projects.”

Lars_Erin_Arts Project Australia2_1Lars Laug working in his studio

Erin shares her sentiments. “Lars is an easy-going guy who I worked really well with. We agreed a lot which helped! The only real challenges were getting all the pieces cut to the right sizes. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

Lars_Erin_Arts Project Australia3_1Erin Nichols painting and designing Rainy Day in 3D

Erin and Lars have chosen to donate the proceeds from auctioning the piece to Arts Project Australia (APA). This not-for-profit organisation promotes work from artists with an intellectual disability, advancing their studio and gallery experience to further artists’ place in society and the art world. Artists work on developing an original and authentic artistic “voice” supported by arts workers who provide feedback, critical advice and exhibit their work.

Art reinterprets what we see, feel, hear and adds personal and cultural meaning to the objects we create – Arts Project Australia

Arts Project Australia_Critical Review of ArtworkArts Project Australia; artists getting critical feedback on their work

“For organisations like Arts Project Australia, the support and recognition from other contemporary artists is very important,” says Sandy Fernee, a spokesperson from APA. “We are proud that Created With Care has given artists a fantastic avenue to show their support in a very meaningful way.”

Arts Project Australia_Paintings by ArtistsArts Project Australia; artists working at the studio for exhibition prep

Art expresses things about the human condition that words and direct experience of the world cannot – Arts Project Australia

This support will help in a very real way too as funding is a major issue. “Organisations are often run on a shoestring and as a result the quality of the materials they use for their artwork is often very poor,” explains Sandy. “At Arts Project Australia we have a very strong philosophy and culture about supplying the best quality supplies for our artists – while stretching that dollar as far as we can. $1000 (the current bid for Rainy Day in 3D is $950 at time of publishing) will purchase top quality materials for three of our 2D artists for a whole year. That is fantastic!”

I hope that any money raised from the sale of this artwork can drive forward the great work APA are doing by helping to open up a brighter creative world to those among us that face constant challenges in life – Lars Laug

You can see the power of art for artists and members of the community in APA’s gallery and know it is experienced and enjoyed by everyone. “This is a good charity that will help intellectually disabled people out there explore their creative side,” says Lars. “I believe this is incredibly important as it can be so satisfying and invigorating creating something from nothing no matter what it is.”

Rainy Day in 3DRainy Day in 3 Dimensions

Erin, who suggested supporting APA, agrees with Lars. “I hope that the charity can spread throughout the country, to provide even more people with this amazing opportunity.”

Bid now on Rainy Day in 3D and the other collaborations at Created With Care.

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