Interview with Larissa Lea

Larissa Lea sells her work on bluethumb and was originally driven to painting as a creative release from her chosen straight-laced career. She describes her process as a complete state of mental and emotional freedom where she is able to disconnect with the environment around her and the stresses it may carry and instead become fully enthralled with the interlacing fusion of the colours of the paints that intertwine and become inseparable yet do not quite mix. The designs are formed through the placement and directed movement of the paint being applied both by brush and the use of tilting and gravity.

Larissa’s art is defined as mixed media, abstract on stretched canvas. The materials used are liquid gloss resin, glass paints, and some acrylic. The use of resin and transparent glass paint allows a depth, and an amount of detail that opaque paints can not offer.

What makes you want to create art/what inspires you?

A bit about myself; I work in a very straight laced career working in an office day in and day out. I found myself becoming very stressed and frustrated with the monotony of the 8 to 5 lifestyle. I needed to find a creative release; painting was that for me. I am able to use it as a complete state of mental and emotional freedom where I am able to disconnect with the environment around me and the stresses it may carry, and focus purely on the fusion of the colours in my artwork. I am self taught.

Do you like to take on commission work, or mainly paint what you like/feel at the time?

I do take commission work however due to the organic nature in which my artworks develop I am unable to accept requests for particular designs. Instead I am able to use a requested colour pallet and canvas size.

What are 3 pieces of art from any artists that have an influence on you and your work?

The Altitude series by Megan Weston; Mark Chadwick’s fluid painting work; and the classic “Starry Night” by Van Gough; I especially love the swirls in the sky with the contrasting silhouette in the foreground.

Your abstract work is so fluid, personally when i look at it i imagine it moving. What kind of music do you like to listen to when creating these works?

I often do not listen to any music while I paint; the music itself does not particularly inspire me. I enjoy painting when it is quiet.

Do you collect art, if so whats your favourite piece? can you show us?

No, unfortunately I do not collect art. However I do have some pieces that my sister-in-law painted hanging in our home.

Who is your favourite Australian Artist and why?

I absolutely love Megan Weston’s artwork; it is beautiful. I love how she takes her inspiration from aerial shots, and her contrasting and bright colour pallet.

We’d love it if you could share any photos with us to post with your Q&A. Any current W.I.P shots or shots of your studio/workplace would be interesting 🙂

I am currently working on pieces for my upcoming showcase with RAW at the end of January called Visionary. Here is a little sneak peek…

unnamedIf you’d like to see Larissa’s work in the flesh she is showcasing her work with RAW on the 29/01 from 7:00pm in Brisbane at ‘The Met’ in Fortitude Valley. Tickets can be bought here:




Keep up to date with Larissa’s work at:



Get lost somewhere beautiful. Installation Art.

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