Neo Partis Table Will Help Sick and Injured Kids

From Created With Care’s final collaboration between Handkrafted‘s Tim Noone and Bluethumb‘s Artem Bryl, comes a vibrant side table, Neo Partis, a Latin name that roughly translates to a new direction or path. The table was indeed a new direction for both maker and artist.

Neo PartisNeo Partis by Tim Noone and Artem Bryl

Tim’s idea for this design came from trying to upcycle offcuts from bigger jobs into something new, rather than just throwing them out. His furniture tends to flow organically, with soft curves and clean uncluttered forms; nothing ornate or extravagantly decorated. He finds his pieces often “ask” to be of a single colour to reveal lovely grain patterns and let the timber speak for itself.

Neo PartisArtem’s acrylic painting on the surface of the side table

Artem’s paintings are collectable and held in collections in all over the world. The distressed painting style on the table top his signature style he also incorporates the squares and symmetry of Tim’s architectural design.

Tim Noone in his studio

The two artists had a great time collaborating. There were no real challenges, as the piece itself was intentionally kept simple, with an acrylic top on the table to make the surface easy to paint on. “I found Artem to be a likeable guy who was more than happy to be a part of the collaboration,” says Tim.


Abstract artist Artem Bryl

Artem believed the best approach to tackling painting the furniture was a modest one. “Less is more,” says Artem. Working with furniture was challenging for him as he wanted to showcase the beauty of the American Oak. “Tim is very passionate about what he does and shares an unconventional way of thinking,” says Artem when talking about working with Tim.

Neo PartisNeo Partis structure and artwork in close up

The proceeds from the auction of Neo Partis will go to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which treats hundreds of sick and injured children. Sadly for some of these children, there is no known cure for their illness.

Children's Hospital at WestmeadChildren in care of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Donate to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead on their website

Tim and Artem feel that children are among the most vulnerable in our society, where there are pressures on children that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. “We think it is incredibly important for kids development to be allowed, as much as possible, to just be kids,” says Tim. The duo want to support and honour Westmead Children’s Hospital; a great cause that saves young lives.

Neo PartisFinished side table, a perfect addition to your home

At Bluethumb and Handkrafted, we want to thank all artists and wood makers for their contribution to inspirational causes. We are truly honoured to have created the platform for the auction and hope that we have made a small difference and done some good.

Bid now on Neo Partis and the other collaborations at Created With Care.

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