Artist Picks: Susie Monte

With my selection, which is mainly abstract, I'm looking for a special feeling which is uplifting or has a story behind it. My work is colourful and joyful, so it's no surprise that I'm drawn to colourful, uplifting work. It's also no surprise that I love pink so pretty much my whole selection includes some pink in it aside from Angus Martins. I think pink should be reclaimed as it's purely a colour. I love texture and mark-making so there's a variety of mediums here, I love the depth and texture of Katie Wyatt and expressive quality of Stephen Homeward's paintings. I'm loving the work of so many female artists right now, it makes me really excited. I would love to have all of these pieces hanging in my home!

Curated by Susie Monte

About the Curator

Susie Monte

Susie Monte is a Melbourne-based artist who creates colourful, abstract, geometric paintings. Her intoxicating composition and crisp technique underpin her artworks with a calming energy derived from nature, her primary inspiration source.

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