April 07, 2022

Soft Post Modern

We have another interior trend for you! You've probably spotted this one around, but like some of us, not know what name to put to it. Soft Post Modern is all about updating iconic looks from the 60s, 70s and 80s. While bold colour was more in use in the pop art heyday, 2020s postmodern takes a gentler approach by looking at more warm, neutral colours and pastels. This doesn't mean your art can't be a stand out though!
Combine these artworks with bubble inspired shapes, fluted finishes, terrazzo, tinted transparent plastic and mushroom lamps for the ultimate updated finish. Match your sculptural decor with graphic elements and you have a recipe to impress!

Curated by Megan George

92cm (W) x 150cm (H)


60cm (W) x 60cm (H)

Mixed Media

84cm (W) x 84cm (H)


53cm (W) x 70cm (H)


70cm (W) x 100cm (H)


90cm (W) x 70cm (H)


100cm (W) x 75cm (H)

Reproduction Print

26cm (W) x 32cm (H)


76.5cm (W) x 51cm (H)


About the Curator

Megan George

Megan is the Content & Creative Manager at Bluethumb, working across our social media, digital marketing and creative production.
Melbourne born and bred, her days at Bluethumb are filled with many coffees, cuddles from the resident canine companions and of course, constantly adding to her burgeoning art collection.

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