Artwork Description

Oil on canvas

Signed on the front.

"Destiny Delivered"
I didn't know what I was painting when I started. I knew I was painting that horse, but I didn't know what else, and I didn't know what I was urgently attempting to say. Simply the energy was frantic and yet wholesome and controlled. It was patient and willing to work through me. I prayed before I began that the right message would come through clearly, and that it would help, or at least do some kind of good.
Who among you came from the blue light? You don't need to say it here, but those of you who did, you have been visited by it and have come and gone according to its request. You woke briefly, bathed in it, and then like a dream you found yourself fluidly back in this reality or the next and back again. Do you remember when you first came here and for what reason? Many of you do. You were never alone. You knew that in the beginning. Maybe you forgot. Your vitality, your being-ness, your 'ness' is all you ever needed to be. That was actually enough all along. We were all fooled for a time into believing we had to do something, some great deed if humanity were to rise, to turn back to Love. To come back to God. And that's how the great ascension was delayed, for a time. Humans were all confused, wondering what their great purpose was, searching, finding, and searching again, only to find themselves. The great casualty stemmed from their disappointment, their believing that it was not enough, that the search was failed. When in fact They were the Holy Grail.
What I painted was my own Essence, my Vitality, and yours, and yours, and yes yours too. Each of you who read this. And if you don't know what I'm talking about it doesn't even matter, because I've got you, We've got you. Just let your Spirit, your great Soul burst forth and just exist in the fullness of its own special design and texture. And run. You don't have a destiny. You ARE Destiny. And you have been Delivered.

I love you all.

Jo ❤

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Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oils on Stretched Canvas

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Jo S. Stacey

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