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Venus Bay, Australia

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♥ This work explores the idea of a Gateway Aperture Crystal

A Gateway Aperture Crystal has an indentation or aperture, a cup shaped depression, that is large enough to hold liquid. Crystal Medicine Lore states that gazing into the liquid centre provides a gateway to other worlds, and enables one to surpass time as we know it and travel through past, present and future. A Gateway Crystal is known to aid spiritual vision and psychic faculties.

"My art is a visual representation of deep, meditative practices. I dot by allowing every moment to be As It Is, rather than directing the outcome towards a desired vision.

Gold represents the colour of the purest, highest vibrational, reflective light. Black canvas represents the pure, silent, still, all-encompassing darkness, out of which visions may be born.

I attempt to create purely, in the moment, as a part of nature and a part of life, a part of the larger 'whole' of the universe, with the intent to capture human intelligence that reaches beyond a personally desired outcome, even beyond personal understanding, an intelligence of the moment, a moment of organic nature.

My work explores the nature of the human, and Nature itself."

Milica ZZAA .:.

Scroll-style framing. Ready to hang.

Matisse Metallic Gold Acrylic

This artwork has been created on heavy 12 oz black primed linen.

This artwork is framed as a scroll style frame: black 1 inch wide pine slats installed across the bottom and the top of the painting, with a wire on the back ready for hanging. This allows the artwork to be rolled up and packaged in a tube.


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