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Paul Robertson


finally figured out that I had been using gouache for six months. Thought it was watercolour. Damnit.


I painted this at the Scotsman pub in January - in north perth. It's one of the best pubs I've come across and hence painted at...

The girl - ah well, the girl...

She doesn't actually exist. She is a confabulation of helpless romanticism. She is an idle construction of an ideal lazily painted on a hot sunday evening.
I invented her whilst chatting to people and making sure that my dog Mister Puppy didn't get stressed out from too much attention.
And envying everyone who gets to drink beer. (I'm an alcoholic... No booze for nineteen years now. Wow. that. is a lot of wild parties I stood around feeling awkward at.)

I may be a little in love with her.

But I don't think we are going to get it together.

Perhaps I will dream of her.

I hope so!


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#romantic, #redhead, #beauty, #colour, #light
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