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Photographic Print using archival pigment inks on Canson Platine Fibre Rag


This is another image in my Autumn Harvest Series. It has it's inspiration from that same Autumn Day in Mt Wilson. This one however features a beautiful old metal box with markings that hint at its origin. It also includes some of the medlars that are grown locally.

In Autumn 2015 when visiting the historic village of Mt Wilson, I collected a few pieces of the autumn harvest from the local market. Back in my studio I remember playing around with items from my box of collectibles to see what I could do.

The images in the Autumn Harvest series are just some of the images I made that day. These however are special as they remind me of the old kitchen dresser or sideboard from when I was growing up in the country. Always filled with local produce and changing with the seasons. I have them framed and on the walls in my own home where they never cease to bring me joy.

As with all my images, these are limited to an edition of 100.

I print them myself on a Canson Platine Fibre Rag that has a satin effect and beautifully brings out the gloss on the fruit and bowl.

The images displayed here can be printed in a range of square sizes.

250mm x 250mm with a white space around the print of approximately 30mm.


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