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Oil on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the back.

This work will be on display at the Bluethumb Gallery in Richmond, Melbourne for the 2023 Bluethumb Art Prize Finalists Exhibition from October 11th to November 27th. Delivery of this work will take place following the 2023 Bluethumb Art Prize Awards Night on October 26th.

"Kaleidoscopic Kyoto: Origami Aka Maiko" is a captivating piece that draws inspiration from Japan's intricate culture. The piece showcases a kaleidoscope of colours, exploring the interplay between conscious & subconscious experiences & perception. It features fan-like fabric folds & a deep midnight blue background contrasting with reds. The piece invites the viewer on a dynamic visual journey delving into shifting perceptions & memories.

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Oil on Canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

#Geisha, #Japan, #japanese, #oriental, #portrait, #fabric, #Figurative, #red, #oil painting, #black

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"Sunlit Waterscape" is an abstract painting that draws inspiration from the natural beauty of water, nature, and the sun. The piece features a palette of cool blues and ice greens, with orange highlights and purple accents that add warmth and energy to the serene scene.The painting's texture and brushstrokes are designed to create the impression of fluid movements, as if the viewer is watching the intersecting waves of the water. The use of palette knives and brushes results in a layered and varied effect that blends colours together, adding depth and dimension to the artwork
"Song of the Sea" is a captivating abstract acrylic painting that harmonizes the serene beauty of the ocean. Diverse blue hues, ranging from deep cobalt to ethereal turquoise, depict the depth and rhythmic movement of the sea. Brilliant bursts of illuminating white accentuate the rich blues, creating a delicate and ethereal effect reminiscent of silk fluttering in the wind. Layered textures infuse energy and movement, bringing the sea to life and transporting the viewer to a peaceful oasis."Nature's Colour Symphony" is an intuitive abstract painting that captures the essence of the natural world through a vibrant palette. Warm oranges, yellows, and soft pinks evoke the beauty and energy of nature, set against a deep purple background with violet highlights for added depth and contrast. Bold brushstrokes and varied techniques create a dynamic sense of movement and texture. The harmonious balance of warm and cool colors invites visual intrigue and complexity, inviting viewers to explore the sensory tapestry of this captivating artwork."Abstract artwork titled 'Effervescence.' A dynamic composition with a radiant burst of color, featuring sunny yellows, fiery oranges, fuchsia pinks, royal purples, cobalt blues, and ethereal ice greens. Colours intersect and cascade in a wave-like motion from the top of the canvas. The visual impact is mesmerizing, with a hypnotic interplay of vibrant hues creating chromatic intensity. A celebration of color and energy, 'Effervescence' engages the viewer with its captivating and dynamic visual experience.
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