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Sharon Monagle

Melbourne, Australia

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acrylic and mixed media (collage) on canvas


Word salad is a psychiatric phenomenon, mostly seen in psychosis. It is depicted in this painting as a stream of words that seem at once intelligible whilst also gibberish. Sequences of rhyming words, neologisms (made up words) and non sensical juxtapositions allude to the disorganised thinking of psychosis. But might this not also be a beautiful piece of poetry?


#mental illness, #psychosis, #poetry, #portrait, #yellow
Autumn by the beach sharon monagle bluethumb artSelf portrait as a man with a 5 o clock shadow sharon monagle bluethumb art 34fdPortrait of an artist sharon monagle bluethumb artWaiting at the farm gate sharon monagle bluethumb art f287Just need a good book sharon monagle bluethumb art d945Nothing else makes me feel this way sharon monagle bluethumb art

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