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Oberon, Blue Mountains, NSW, AU. Found Growing Next To An Old Property Boundary Fence Of An Abandoned(?) Lot Where An Old House Once Stood. Or Still Stands... But So Overgrown With Plants I Could Not Tell Without Trespassing.

Some Interesting Facts, History and Folklore About Bluebells...

According to an Online Dictionary... The most Popular Meaning for Bluebells is Humility Or Sometimes Gratitude. It is also Associated With Everlasting Love and Constancy. Bluebells are also called Harebells in Scotland. Because it is Believed that Witches Turned Into Hares and Hide among the Flowers

According to an Online "Witchipedia".... Bluebells are among the First Flowers Of Spring, and so Represent "Rebirth". Bluebells have Many Names... English Bluebell, Woodland Bluebell, Fairy Flower, Wood Bell, Wild Hyacinth, Jacinthe, Calverkeys, Ring-O'-Bells, Auld Man's Bells and Bell Bottle.

Bluebells are Considered to Be an Excellent Choice to Grow in Full Sun To Partially Shaded Areas. Are Grown Along Hedgerows and Beneath Orchard Trees. Many Butterflies, Hoverflies and Bees are Attracted To Bluebells. It is an Important Source of Early Season Nectar. They are Great Additions to Butterfly, Wildlife and Faerie Gardens.

Some of the Magical Uses For Bluebells... Anyone Wearing A Wreath Of Bluebells Will Be Compelled To Speak Only The Truth.

Bluebells May be Used In Love Spells. Turn A Common English Bluebell Flower Inside Out To Ensure You Will Win The Heart Of The One You Desire.

Bluebells May Be Used To Prevent Nightmares either Stuffed In A Dream Pillow, Or Strung and Hung Near The Bed.

They May Be Planted On Gravesites To Comfort Mourning Visitors and Represent Rebirth Of the Dead. "Keyed" To Saturn Or the Moon. Element Air.

The Bulb of the Common Bluebell has been Used as a Styptic and Dieruetic, to Address Leukirrhea and for Snake Bites. It Contains Toxic Alkaloids and is not Generally Used for Medical Healing Purposes Nowadays. But Apparently... Some Research is Being Done with Regards To Cancer.

The Common Bluebells make a "Glue" that has Historically Been Used for Book Binding and to Stick Flights To Arrow Shafts. The Bulb yields a Starch that Has Been Used To Starch Clothing.

All Parts Of English Bluebells are Toxic and the Sap can cause Contact Dermatitis. Animals can Suffer Gastric Distress upon Eating Them. Bluebell Leaves Can Resemble Those of Rampion and Young Onions. Poisonings May Occur due to this Similarity. A Good Sniff Will Tell You if They Are Onions Or Not. Best Not To Grow Them Near Onion, Garlic Or Chives.

Bluebells Are Denizens of Ancient Forests... Are "Fairy Flowers. Said To Be Used By Fairies To Trap Humans Who Encroach On Natural Places. If a Child Picks a Bluebell in a Bluebell Wood, He or She will Never Be Seen Again. If an Adult Picks One... He or She Will Wander Lost. Led Astray By Pixies Forever... or Until Someone "Rescues" Him or Her.

For Me... These Flowers Symbolise The Loving Kindness And Generosity Of True Friends In My Time Of Great Need... As Well As The Natural Power Of Spring, As A Time Of Regeneration And Renewal. When I was Indeed "Lost". Was Grieving Hard Over My Loss Of My Beloved 4th Husband John who Died A Very Bad Death from Lung Cancer and Complications Caused By His Prescribed Medical Treatments on 06 Aug 2016. A little over 2 Months Since He Died At Home, In My Arms.

This Photo Was Taken 18 Oct 2016... One Day Before My 60th Birthday. While Visiting My New Friends Marta And Her Family In Their Home At Oberon for a "Few Days". Whom I Met Through A "Random Act Of Kindness" I Performed for the Daughter Of A Friend Of Theirs. Whom I Did Not Know and Still Haven't Met. They Unexpectedly Opened Up Their Hearts And Home To Me, At Such A Critical Time In My Life. Were Exceptionally Kind and Generous To Me. So That I Would Not Have To Spend My 60th Birthday ALONE. Synchronicity And Karma "Playing Together" To Wish Me A "Happy Birthday". A "Turning Point" I Saw No Reason To Celebrate Then, and Still Don't. BUT... I Can't Ignore All Of The "Significant Moments" During That Healing Sabbatical. I AM GRATEFUL For Marta and Her Family's Loving Kindness and Friendship.

Funny All The Coincidental "Ties" I SEE Associated With This Flower And That Terrible Time Of My Life... When I Certainly Did Need To Be "Rescued". If They Hadn't Cared Enough To HELP Me Then... I don't Know Where I Would Be Now. Probably Dead Or Homeless. BLESS THEM!!!

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#An Unknown Variety Of Bluebells... Naturalised, # Clump Of Pale Blue Bluebells... Very Pretty, # Beauty Of Nature

All art by Becky Jo Hull

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