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Part Of My Creative Work is about TEACHING People How To SEE... the Intrinsic VALUE of taking the Time to LOOK CLOSER at What They "Think" They See. Instead Of Relying Upon A Quick "Glance" On The "Surface Of Things". How To Perceive How "Things" Actually ARE.

We Live In A Society that has Evolved, Based Upon Social Conditioning of the Majority of the Masses. "Mindsets" and Attitudes Taught in Public and Private Schools, Promoted Through Social Media, and Public Figures, Celebrities, "Leaders" and "Authority" Figures. Not All Of Whom Deserve Our Respect, Consideration, Unquestioning Faith, Loyalty and "Obedience".

Publicly Accepted "Mindsets" and Attitudes... Too Many of which are Essentially Destructive, "Toxic", Exploitative, Abusive and Divisive. That Encourage Consumption and Gluttony Of Products and Services That Too Often... We Really Don't Need and Aren't "Good" for Us. Without Consideration of the Short-Term, and Long-Term Consequences Of Our Actions... Hasty Judgements Based On Circumstantial Evidence, Prejudices and Hearsay, Rather Than Facts... Decisions and Choices Coerced By Peer Pressure, Clever Advertising, and Those We Trust (Or Fear). Even When We Shouldn't. When We Should "Know Better", But We Don't. Because MOST Of Us Have Been Socially Conditioned To "Accept" What We See at "First Glance" Without Question. Without Any Depth Of Thought, Careful Consideration, Or Exercising Independent Thought. Have Been Taught To Ignore Our Survival Instincts and Intuition. Not to TRUST Our Own Judgement or Perceptions Through Our Physical Senses. Taught To Disbelieve What We Actually SEE, TASTE, FEEL and HEAR... unless it is "Approved" Or "Sanctioned" by Those We've Been "Taught" To Defer To.

Most of Us... "Allow" Ourselves to be "Blindfolded". Then Led "Wherever" The "Experts" Say We Should Go. Without Having the Presence Of Mind to Wonder... Whether Or Not We Should, Or Really Want To "Go There". Like A Horde of Lemmings "Marching" to the Sea, and Over The "Edge Of Nothing" To Plunge To Our Death... "In Our Hamster Wheels We Spin Ceaselessly" While Reaching For That "Brass Ring" Or "Tasty Carrot" Just Out Of Reach... to the Tunes "Played by the "Pied Pipers" of Consumerism, Greed and Corruption. Most Of Us "Play Follow The Leader" that Leads Us To Our Self-Destruction. Without Even Thinking Of Whether Or Not This "Game Is Worth Playing". What the Hell??

I'm Sorry, But It's TRUE. Someone Once Said... "Some Dreams Are Not Our Own." Time To "Wake Up" Now. Open Your Eyes, and SEE What Is, and Is Not. Fix Yourself A Cup Of Coffee or Tea To Drink, Eat Some Breakfast... While You Consider the Fact... As Someone Else Once Said... That "Today, Is the First Day of the Rest Of Your Life". What Do You Want To Do Today?? How About We "Play" A Different "Game" For A Change?? One That Everyone Can "Win" Sooner Or Later. Such As "Red Rover" Perhaps... Or "Hide-And-Seek", Tag You're "It". Or Better Yet... "I Spy With My Little Eye". How about Something Really Fun, Exciting, Entertaining and Innovative?? Such As "Let's Make Waves" Or "Paradigm Shift"??

Extract (31 Aug 2016) of Hidden Abstract Pattern I "Pulled" from a Digital Photo of a "Vision" As Seen in Another "Magic Mirror" Of Mine.

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Digital Photograph (Approved)

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Tags#It's Not What You THINK... It Rarely IS 2, # Abstract Pattern in Hues and Shades of Greens... Yellows... Pale Blue... White... Lavvender Grey, # Archetypal Figures Forming

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