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Digital Photograph (Approved)


For Me... This Series Of Images is about HOW Any EXPERIENCE We may Have... Regardless of Whether We Determine It to be "Good", or "Bad", or "Neutral" (Relative Subjective Terms Of "Value", At Best) ... "Impacts" Upon Our AWARENESS. On a Conscious and Subconscious "Level". Creating a "Ripple Effect" By "Association" Within Our Mind, Body and Soul. Really. Depending on the "Nature" of that Personal Experience.

Much Like Raindrops or Anything, for that matter... falling into a Pool of Water... Creates "Ripples" that Can Be Seen to "Disturb" and "Distort" any "Reflected Image" Therein. Along With Our Perspective In "Viewing" That Particular "Event". Whether "Perceived" from A "Safe Distance". Or "Perceived" from The Vantage Point of That "Pool Of Water" Itself... Or "Perceived" from the Vantage Point of Whatever might Exist Within that "Pool Of Water"... What LIVES "Underneath".

I find it Fascinating how We can Look at Any Image... and will Notice "Different Things", Different Details in that Particular Image, from each Perspective that We View it from. What is Really Interesting to me... Is the Fact that whenever I do Rotate One of My Extracts.... Provide Four Distinct Perspectives to View It From... there is Almost Always ONE Perspective, that is "Most Popular" to Viewers... and Almost Always One Perspective that is "Least Popular". It is just the Way Our Minds "Work". The Way We Process Information.

In that Respect... It is as if My Extracts are also Capable of Producing A "Ripple Effect". But at the Same Time... are also like a "Set of Metal Keys" that We may "Insert" into a "Lock" of the "Doors of Our House" (Our Self - "Where We Live"). Which when "Inserted", Then "Turned"... "Opens" the "Lock" on that "Door". So the Person with that "Key", Can Go Inside. When A Rotated Image from a "Set of Images" is "Inserted" Into the Viewer's Mind Visually... When "Turned"... "Rotated"... Pushes "Tumblers" / "Barriers" Aside. To "Open" the Mind of the Viewer to "New Ways of Perceiving". However, Like a "Key" to Our House... Some will "Fit" the "Front Door" (Conscious Awareness)... Some will "Fit" the "Back Door" (Subconscious Awareness")... Some will "Fit" a "Side Door" that "Goes Somewhere Else" ... such as the Outside "Garage Door" or the "Outside Cellar Door of an Older House". OR... "Fits" the "Lock" of a "Door INSIDE the House" to a "Special Room", that We only Enter "On Occasion"... "When We Need To".

Another Aspect that Needs to be Realised... is that Any "Event" that Causes a "Ripple Effect" in Our Awareness... Also Goes Through Time... into The Future. Because as that "Event" Affects or "Impacts" upon our Awareness, either Consciously or Subconsciously... it CHANGES the Way We Perceive "Reality". CHANGES the Way We Process the Information We Gather Through Our Altered Perceptions. CHANGES Our "Mindset". In Doing So... CHANGES EVERYTHING. Because Our Thoughts Are "Things"... Help to "Shape" Our Physical Reality. Literally. Think About It.

What would This World be Like IF... We as a Species never Invented the Wheel? Never Developed Agriculture? Never Developed a Numerical System, and Mathematics or Writing? Never Invented the Printing Press that made it Possible to both Record Our Ideas, Thoughts in such a Way that We could "Transmit" Our Ideas and Thoughts not only to People Living at the Time We "Printed" Our Concepts... Recorded Our Ideas and Thoughts in Books that could ALSO be Read by People Born After We are Long Dead?? What would this World be Like IF... We never Developed the Wide Range of Sciences that We now Have? Figured out how to "Harness" Steam Power, Electricity, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power, Solar Power, Etc. ? What would This World be Like IF We never Developed the Telegraph, or Telephones, Computers and Smart Phones? What would This World be Like IF we never developed Automobiles, Trucks, Trains, Buses?? What would This World Be Like IF We never Developed Architecture? Multi-Story Buildings, Highrises and Skyscapers? What would This World Be Like IF We never Developed Medicine, Found Cures for the Diseases that We already Have? How would This World Be Different if the People those Cures Saved, Didn't Survive because those Cures didn't Exist?? What would This World Be Like IF We never Developed Tools of All Kinds or Weapons or Warfare?

All These Major Changes in Our World, Our "Reality" Are Based On Our Concepts, Our Thoughts... That Produced "Ripple Effects" at the Time the Inventors "Manifested" Their Concepts Into Physical Form. Which ALSO Have and Still Do... Produce Ripple Effects Through Time, into the Future... Possible Futures As Well. "Impacting" Our Lives to Some Degree, along with the Lives of People Not Yet Born. Perhaps Never Will Be. Depending Upon What We Think, HOW We THINK... What Thoughts We MANIFEST that Will CHANGE This World... Our "Reality" with Every Set of "Ripple Effects" We as a Species GENERATE.

Have You Ever Thought About That?? Perhaps It's Time You DO!!!

Extract (07 Jan 2017) of Hidden Abstract Pattern I "Pulled" from a Digital Photo I made of Raindrops Falling into a Drainage Canal From the Higher Vantage Point I was Standing At, When I Saw This Happening. I Created This Extract One Day After the 5 Month Anniversary of the Tragic Death Of My Beloved 4th Husband John. Who Died A Very Bad Death on 06 Aug 2016, At Home, In My Arms. Still Deeply Traumatised From That Personally Devastating "Event". Still Struggling To "Come To Terms" With All John's Death Signified For Me... In Terms Of The Overall Sense Of LOSS I was FEELING At That Time.

#Ripple Effect 3, #Abstract Pattern in Greys... Whites... Black, #Archetypal
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