Art Collector’s Home: Bluethumb Creative and Content Manager Megan George

4 years is a long time in-between visits. Especially since our last Art Collectors Home tour with Megan. A lot has changed in the last two years. A lot. The spirit of Australians has been tested. People were forced to spend an unprecedented amount of time inside the home. For Bluethumb’s Creative and Content Manager, Megan George, she turned that solitude into action, filling her home with art. There’s no place like home and there sure is nothing like Megan’s art collection.

Weatherboard Edwardian cottage

Home sweet home for our Content and Creative Manager!

Megan spends her days surrounded by art. Curation is central to her job as Creative and Content Manager, yet it’s also part of her home life. Sometimes, she’ll connect with some art so strongly, that she has to have it. In our previous interview here, she discussed how her collection began at sixteen years old when she wanted to start a home gallery for herself. It’s grown a lot since then.

Woman sitting on edge of front porch

3 artworks framed by doorway

The hallway hang includes an etching by Bluethumb Art Prize 2020 winner Hubert Pareroultja, a watercolour from Zhen Yu and a photograph from Silvi Glattauer. Not pictured from the same wall are two photographs by Robert Salisbury (shown in header).

Revisiting a collector’s home is special. We can see how their collections have changed over the years. Like any good art collection, Megan’s has grown significantly. “Well, it’s grown rapidly,” Megan exclaims. “Part of that was definitely sitting around staring at empty walls during lockdown, but also the excitement of moving into a new place and the fresh beginning it provided.” The pandemic isolated so many Australians. Keeping them in their homes. Collecting art allowed Megan to turn her fortress of solitude into a place of solace.

“This home is pretty significant to me – I arrived on the doorstep after living abroad and experiencing some personal turmoil, and have since poured a lot of myself into the space.” To paraphrase Daryl Kerrigan from the quintessentially Australian film The Castle, it’s not a house, it’s a home. Putting the art that she loves into it makes the home even more special.

Flowers in front of gallery wall art hang

After 5 years on the job, Megan has amassed an eclectic collection of Bluethumb’s finest.

Her collection has become a celebration of womanhood, “My art collection definitely signals my own values and worldview – there are a lot of empowered female themes to the works and most of my collection is created by incredibly talented women.” Megan is part of the Bluethumb mission to empower artists, helping them to go full-time. The work that Megan has collected gives her strength too. Collecting art directly from artists creates more than a transaction. It creates a connection.

Art in mirror of bedroom

The master bedroom is graced by four stunning artworks. 2 photographs from Penny Prangnell above the bed, an emotive drawing from Irma Calabrese on the mantle and a peaceful print by Keren Paz to the left.

Two black and white photographs hang above bed

There’s a strong connection between art and the home. Large statement art flies off the shelves at Bluethumb, but Megan’s collection diverges from the large art trend to focus on small, resonant works. Her collection stems from an instinctive kinship with a piece. She likens it to falling in love, “There’s just a spark that is ignited by a piece, and it can be tough to put into words.”

Cabinet with art - paintings and sculptures - displayed on top

The guest bedroom tells a different story to the master – one of brightness and vitality. It’s only fair that the artworks in this room have equal energy, such as these works from Sharon Monagle, Jen Shewring, Marisa Mu and Emma Young.

Bluethumb is a place where anyone should be able to find the art that they love. It’s not pretentious and exclusive. Megan knows this and makes it clear that you have to trust yourself when starting your art collection, “​​Most of it has already been said before, but it’s really important to buy what you love. If like me, you fall in love a lot, then I do recommend sitting on the decision for at least a day or two. This helps solidify the difference between love and lust with an artwork.”

Also, sometimes, fear of missing out may be reason enough for getting an artwork, “But also you can’t wait too long, because originals get snapped up quickly!”

Woman holding camera in front of wall of art

The gallery hang above the bar is dedicated to the talents of female artists. Featuring works from Holly Harper, Andria Beighton, Jemma Cakebread, Sally Browne, Laura Thomas, Sarah Park, Casey Thornton, Amanda Cutlack, Bettrina Pula Bundey and Nicole Hunt.

Bluethumb is celebrating 10 years, and Megan is also celebrating a milestone: 5 years on the Bluethumb team. That’s 10 years of being directly involved with artists and their art, “To say working here has had an influence on my collection is a massive understatement – working around so much creativity and beauty has really led me down this path and I’m so grateful for that.”

Megan’s latest art acquisition: a ceramic sculpture from Marisa Mu and Alicia McVilly.

The artists at Bluethumb continue to inspire her in and outside of work, “A huge shout out to all the wonderful artists I’ve been able to meet and draw inspiration from over the last few years.”

Megan’s work with artists won’t stop there. Neither will her collection.

See Megan’s curations here. Continue scrolling for more photos of her home and art collection.

Pink walled room with two watercolour artworks hanging above a rust and terracotta bed

Above the guest bed hang two of Sally Browne‘s nature walk inspired landscapes.

Resident roommate Odysseus taking one of his many daily naps.

Minyma Tjukurla by Faith Butler of Tjarlirli Art

cat laying on couch in front of bookshelf and art

Art isn’t just for humans! Odysseus loves to relax around the pieces. Here he’s surrounded by work from Loribelle Spirovski, Jasmine Radakovic, Tina Mose and Annalise Vine.

Megan’s first purchase from Bluethumb – Sun of God #1 by Haruyo Morita

Yellow flowers against green lawn

Yellow aboriginal artwork with small sunset planter and Spanish moss

Pink room with antique rocking chair and art

Tucked behind the restored rocking chair from Fitzroy North’s Rodneys is one of Sam Suttie‘s subtly magnificent still life paintings.

Mantle with line drawing art in a white frame

A closer look at Irma Calabrese’s line drawing.

Salmon fabric art hanging on a pink wall.

A fabric hanging from Ellen McKenna‘s Feeling Colours Exhibition in 2021.

desk with art

Even a small workspace can be decked out in art! Featuring work from Marnie McKnight and Katherine Gailer.

Black and white aboriginal artwork

Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) – Pirlinyarnu by Leah Nampijinpa Sampson of Warlukurlangu Artists

Leafy backyard with firepit and small cottage

Full list of artworks in Megan’s collection available here.

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  1. Heidi Savage says:

    Love your collection of small works on a wall, Odysseus is the purrfect complement to your gorgeous collection of eclectic art. It looks comfy cosey and joyful Megan,

  2. Carolyn Monaghan says:

    What a wonderful eclectic collection you have and your home is beautiful.
    Thanks for showing us !
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  3. Anne says:

    Love your collection and your house too, it is perfect!

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