Modern Art for Concrete Spaces

Concrete is taking over our cities, many of which are becoming grey concrete jungles, and this material is no longer just seen on the exterior of buildings. While the concept of using concrete inside is also now commonly seen in design, it’s certainly a trend that is growing. From surfaces to bench tops and even lights, fixtures and fittings, concrete has become the contemporary neutral choice for interiors.

Concrete textures

Concrete comes in many forms and textures. All of them are in!

Even though grey can be associated with dullness or bad weather in everyday life, cool ashy tones definitely have their perks when it comes to design. As a neutral colour, for example, grey can give license to use almost any colour palette, pattern or texture.

If you have a grey concrete wall that needs a bit more love, an artwork can be a striking centre piece or a complementary feature to your space. Once the centre piece has been selected, choosing your furniture and accessories will become a whole lot easier.

Concrete mood board

See how these different items perfectly complement one another?

The mood board above demonstrates how Caroline Zilinski’s piece Miss Gone contrasted against a concrete wall, alongside a selection of furniture from Mark Tuckey and Modern Times reflects an elegant yet soft interior.

1. Miss Gone by Caroline Zilinski 2. Modern Times Italian Recliner Hero 3. Mark Tuckey Plinth Entertainment Unit 4. Greenery

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