Art for your Star Sign

The Perfect Art Style for Your Star Sign

Are you a perpetual eye-roller when it comes to astrology, or do you live life according to the destiny laid out in your horoscope? There’s only a handful of things more controversial than art, and astrology is one of them. So… we’ve combined the two together! We’re certain you’ll find the perfect art style for your star sign – and if not, you might at least be in for a few laughs.

Pisces: A Star Sign for Surrealism

The OG creative star sign. Given the fish of the zodiac are known for their artistic flair and imaginative qualities, surrealism is a perfect art style for a Pisces. As the Pisces effortlessly adapts to their surroundings, they have an unparalleled ability to dive deep into the collective unconscious. This makes them a perfect match with surrealism’s potential in challenging the human experience.

There might not be any fish in this piece, but we’re sure it will go down a treat with our Pisces friends all the same! Featured: Animal Print Yoga Apparel by Yulia Pustoshkina

Aries: Futurism

As the first sign of the zodiac, those born within the Aries month are trailblazers. The fire within their sign indicates passion and motivation, spontaneity and an abundance of energy. Much like the ambitious and cutting-edge movement of Futurism, Aries are bold and adventurous characters with an advanced attitude to urban development.

Brad Holland’s cites modernism as an influence in his work. Silicon Chips in the Computer Twilight is a depiction of the last breaths of computer technology.

Hailing from Italy in the early 20th Century, Futurism stems from youth-led societal movements, as well as rapid change and technological advancements. At the time, Futurism set out to move Italy from its past and embrace a more modern way of living. In its present form, it continues to embody values of modernity. Similarly, Aries is guided by technology and fast change. Our Tangled in Technology curation is a great place to get stuck into a selection of art for the Aries in your life.

Taurus: A Star Sign Meant for Impressionism

Ah, to be en plein air in peaceful meadows, complete stillness and dreamy skylines. Naturally, your ideal place to pass the time is in a Van Gogh painting. The on-the-spot, spontaneous and outdoor nature of Impressionism is perfect for Taureans, who, as earth signs represented by the bull, thrive in pastoral environments.

The words of poet Dorothea McKellar inspired this painting by impressionistic painter Maria Cross. Featured: I Love A Sunburnt Country

The visible brush work and focus on light, trademarks of the impressionist style, as well as its focus on capturing fleeting moments, make it perfect for a star sign known to appreciate the impermanence of time more than most. Explore our Impressionism collection for more Taurus-appropriate artworks.

The Many Sides of Gemini: Cubism

Being a Gemini herself, our Content & Creative Manager Megan George often jokes that she was born under the most hated zodiac of them all. The quick-witted Gemini represents two different personalities in one – and you can never be sure which one you will face, giving them a bit of a bad rep.

Geminis, relate much? Women by Anetta Dobrakowska

Artists who explore cubism in their work typically analyse their subjects. They are broken up and reassembled through abstraction. Like the Gemini, a cubist artwork depicts a multitude of angles, rather than a traditional single viewpoint. Grandfather of Cubism Pablo Picasso needs no introduction and has left a legacy in this artistic technique. Click here to browse our curation of Bluethumb artists who have been inspired by his work.

Cancer: The Cardinal Expressionist

The cardinal water sign Cancer runs as deep as vast oceans, and can come off just as cold! Like the crab that rules the star sign, Cancerians can be seen as a challenging bunch to get to know or understand as they interact with the world in sideways manners. Expressionism, anyone?

Modern Anxiety 4 by Li Zhou employs feeling to the subject’s form.

Intuitive and sentimental, their emotions often drive their decision-making. Similarly, expressionism is driven by waves of emotion; conveying feeling in an artwork takes priority over reality. Looking at the work of well-known artist Egon Schiele as an example, a viewer can feel a sense of intimacy between the painter and his subject.

For the sensitive Cancerians among us, dive into our recent curation of Calming Colours for an instant uplift!

Leo: Aligning with the Baroque

At the peak of the Baroque movement, the drama, richness and intensity of art reflected the vision of the bourgeoisie. Whereas another star sign may shy away from this drama, it gives the limelight a Leo is used to! The confidence and lavish style with which baroque art is characterised runs parallel with the quality of this lion-ruled star sign.

Photographer Nadia Culph embraces the moody contrast and warm colour that is quintessentially Baroque in character when capturing Dried Yellow Rose.

Virgo: Thriving in Minimalism

Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. Their love of focusing on the finer details in life and organised spaces is a product of their diligent, logical and creative mind. Virgos thrive with structure in their surroundings, so artworks that bolster a refined composition, straight lines and a minimal colour palette is sure to please.

Light and Lines II by Rosario Lopez offers a satisfying composition and a clean aesthetic, which gets the seal of Virgo approval from our Art Advisor Amélia Davis!

Symmetry-Loving Star Sign Libra: Pop Art

Libra is the only star sign of the zodiac ruled by an inanimate object. The scales they are so perfectly represented by highlight a desire for balance and harmony. Art that includes symmetry and even proportions are guaranteed favourites for a peace-loving Libra.

Cats Lives by Stuart Cole satiates the need for balance and veers into pop art domains. Libras, rejoice!

While the aesthetically pleasing quality of a balanced composition can be found across a myriad of art styles, pop art’s tendency to utilise symmetry and balance in its layout makes it an alluring art style for the indecisive Libra. In its borrowing of pop culture references, pop art isn’t too dissimilar from the Libra, who in their eagerness to please, likewise borrow stronger traits from other star signs. Sorry, Libras!

Scorpio: Romanticism

Despite the name, Romanticism explored the deeper, darker side of human emotion and its complexities. Similarly, the brooding and oft-misunderstood Scorpio may appear moody and unapproachable.

Social Disconnect 6 by Joshua Miels captures the vulnerability of its subject and the emotions that we try to hide from others. The piece challenges the viewer to draw upon their own emotions and personal experiences.

Scorpios are known for their fiery intensity, yet as a water sign, their moods run as deep as an ocean. Pieces that are luxurious, evocative and possess a sense of drama are sure to impress any Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Contemporary Photography

The intellectuals of the zodiac need a forward-thinking and advanced art style to occupy their curious minds. Like other fire signs, those born under the Sagittarius star sign endeavour to experience as much as possible and keep in constant touch with the world. They are the first to celebrate technological advancements and the beauty of modern life.

Aerial photographer Tim Allen approaches photography with questions on today’s environment. Construct 8/10 (2017) asks: what does the world of work look like in the future?

The popularity of photography is on the rise as it continues to show new and innovative ways of seeing our everyday landscapes. Whether a photographer explores urban scenes, fulfils a narrative through documentary, or spins the viewer’s perspective with impressive post-production, contemporary photography demonstrates the values of contemporary society and change in the same way the progressive Sagittarius does. Check out this curation to see our choice of both emerging and established photographers to add to your collection.

Capricorn: Keeping It Real with Realism

The responsibility, drive and discipline a Capricorn executes is unrivalled from any other star sign in the zodiac! These earth-ruled sea goats – you heard us – have an admirable ability to see things as they are, and to find beauty in what’s authentic and real. For this reason, veristic (click here to read our Art Terminology 101 blog if you’re unsure what this means) art aligns perfectly with a Capricornian’s character.

Collectable artist Donovan Christie dons an impressive and realistic approach to his choice of landscape. Featured: ‘Corner Bouys’

The earth essence to this star sign allows a Capricorn to stay grounded and exercise self-control within both professional and personal contexts of their lives. This makes realism a reliable choice of art style as it prioritises a truthful representation of a subject, stripped of pretence or delusions of grandeur.

Aquarius: An Appreciation for Abstraction

The messy and rebellious nature of Aquarius makes for the most thought-provoking style of art! It can be hard to keep up with the flow of water-based sign Aquarius as they express themselves in controversial terms and follow what they believe is right, seeking validation from nobody else.

The Pukara Rock Hole is collectable Aboriginal artist Jimmy Donegan’s story. Within Jimmy’s paintings lies a great deal of symbolism hidden.

Abstract art allows an artist to express feelings, concepts and spirituality. In the pursuit of expressing their reality, both the Aquarius and the Abstract artist reject convention and celebrate what’s uniquely human.

A Bluethumb Success Story: Kate Rogers


  1. Virginia mcgowan says:

    Spot on ,Capricorn.

  2. Roma Muzzatti says:

    To Megan George
    Geminis aren’t hated – some may say we are changeable and fickle but basically we are chameleons who fit in everywhere which others resent and are just basically envious. Besides being quick-witted, we are smart, intelligent and intuitive. And because we are the last of the ‘zodiac children’ we are fun loving and adventurous. What’s not to love?

  3. Love it. That was a great read. As I’m a Capricorn I’m on the right track. I’ve always loved realism. Thanks bluethumb team. I love reading these. Regards Sandra Messner.

  4. Horrified by the Star Sign just as well not a real believer Ha ha ha Have a wonderful week ahead of you…

  5. Teri White says:

    I have moon in Scorpio. I like painting dramatic things

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