What Makes an Artist: INDO The Artist

“Street art is an extreme sport. It’s all about being connected, in the moment… the most freeing medium in the world.” Spoken like a true adrenaline junkie, the words of INDO The Artist explain his passion.

INDO’s story is not of the struggling artist trying to find financial success – INDO found success early through his creative work in publishing, magazines, fashion, TV and advertising. However, he didn’t feel as though this success was truly feeding his soul. He found that his late night painting sessions was what ultimately made him happy. “The next day I would be full of energy, witty, hyperactive and loving life. Art gave my soul light, purpose and happiness,” explains the artist. INDO eventually made the decision to pursue painting street art and, most importantly, what fulfils his “life purpose”.

12063863_453786901493456_3048167843459327611_nINDO with one of his limited edition prints.

When asked to describe his art, INDO says “like an onion – layers upon layers.” This can be seen in the depth of energy in his works and his explorative style. “Living in the moment makes it very easy to be constantly inspired,” says INDO, “also being brave enough to swim against the current.”

His home town of Crescent Head NSW also serves as a constant source of inspiration. “I call it Hawaii,” he explains, “because the surf is so unbelievably good, you never leave once you’re here, the people are genuine, nature is everywhere, and Gucci fashion and Lamborghinis have zero value.”

Crescent-Head-south-cornerINDO’s hometown of Crescent Head, NSW. Source: Surfunation.

A self-confessed people-person, INDO explains how sharing his work with like-minded people gives him energy and enthusiasm. “I love the process of collaborating and bouncing ideas around… it’s incredible how people open up – visual therapy.” His use of striking colours and deliberate brush stokes reflect this passion, where everything has a purpose and motivating factor that drives his expression. This is evident in how he describes each piece, like The Establishment (pictured below). “I take these lessons [I’ve learnt] and use them to my advantage, always question authority, never believe what you see.”

establishment-indo-the-artist-bluethumb-artThe Establishment by INDO The Artist

And it seems that INDO’s motivation and genuine love for what he does really works for him. With an impressive list of collaborations under his belt, the NSW-based artist still has more goals for the future. “I want to travel overseas and exhibit in New York, Asia and Europe, open my own gallery, launch my own clothing label (which is in the final stages), create cool contemporary stationary sold Australia-wide, and who knows, maybe have my own TV show like ‘Who is J.O.B.’”

main_asdf-indo-the-artist-bluethumb-artSting Like a Beat Featuring Ice Cube | 2 by INDO The Artist.

But his ultimate goal is to always ensure he is happy and doing something deeper than receiving fame and fortune. “Most importantly I want to give back and inspire others,” says INDO.

His advice to aspiring artists? “Remember making it is what you perceive as success… Always celebrate small triumphs… you deserve it. Be kind to yourself – ALWAYS – and speak highly of your art, because if you don’t no one else will.”

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2016 National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award


  1. Andrea Vanderfield says:

    Love his work, I’ve seen his mural art in Crescent Head, The whale he painted are breath taking.

  2. Mitchelle Dae says:

    His artworks are overwhelmingly awesome – Having worked in Melbourne and for the National Gallery of Australia as a Curator, INDO the Artist – is One of the Best Australian Street Artists I’ve seen to date! His choice in colour pallet, subject matter and execution is fantastic, I’ld even call him the next Australian Banksy.

  3. Jessie Emily whitaker says:

    Love INDO the artist, He’s always creating large scale atreet art murals in redfern and newtown, I saw him painting live art for redbull last year, epic display of raw talent, stencils, paints, the works. If he wasn’t married, Il’d date him.

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