What Makes an Artist: Katerina Apale’s brush is a continuation of her hand

Katerina Apale started to paint before she could walk. She has shown work in over nine countries, including Latvia, where she was born and studied, and Australia where she currently resides. She is an artist, holds two Masters degrees and until recently was a lecturer at The Art Academy of Latvia.  “I cannot express all my feelings and ideas through verbal communication. Painting is my dialogue with the world”

Katerina Apale Katerina Apale with ‘Still Life with Pink Birds’

Katerina’s artwork, with subjects ranging from floral still life paintings to a group of girls blowing bubble gum, are all composed of bright colours and quite often feature lively animals.      

“Happy Bananas” by Katerina Apale

Her love of colour is evident in every painting. “My art is colour and lots of combinations of colours. I enjoy working with colour, I get excited to see my painting come alive with colour.” Rather than having one particular subject matter that interests her, Katerina makes sure to always have her sketchbook with her. “Ideas come suddenly, they catch me everywhere.”

Katerina painting in nature Katerina working in nature

“Ink, oil, acrylic or watercolour… the sketch grows in the composition, the composition determines the technique” 

Katerina with her painting Katerina with her painting “Woy Woy Pelican”

Having studied art all the way through school, in 2002 Katerina studied Textile Arts, and has since been awarded a Master of Arts and a Master of Education. Her mother is an artist and encouraged her to start painting early, fostering her love of art and success.

Katerina with her many works Katerina with her many colourful works

Katerina may take hours or weeks to create to create each work, but makes sure to remember that “for every picture there are hours and years of practice behind, these hours remain invisible”.

Strelitzia Nicolai by Katerina Apale “Strelitzia Nicolai” by Katerina Apale

Accepting commission works offers artists the opportunity to develop professionally, Katerina explains. Commissions offer the opportunity not only to work on artistic skills but “grow in business knowledge – in dealing with your customer you need to focus on three aspects. Their need, my ability and my business acumen.”

“Toucan II” by Katerina Apale

“The dream is to paint and not think about marketing.” Katerina’s work has been a strong seller on bluethumb, allowing her more time to focus on the creative process.

Colourful Sea by Katerina Apale “Colourful Sea” by Katerina Apale

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