Sydney Pop-Up: 3 Bluethumb Bestsellers Team up for Exhibition

On a rainy Thursday evening this month, three of Bluethumb’s bestselling artists opened the large glass doors to their Sydney pop-up exhibition. The group show featured large abstracts by Belinda Nadwie, serene abstracted landscapes by Kat Las and satirical pop art by Ben Tankard.

Belinda Nadwie, Ben Tankard and Kat Las at the Bluethumb Sydney Pop-Up

L-R: Belinda Nadwie, Ben Tankard and Kat Las.

The exhibition was a resounding success, with many artworks selling before the doors even opened! Belinda, Ben and Kat were thrilled to feel the support of fellow artists, with a large attendance from Bluethumb’s Sydney cohort. Our curator Sarah and Sales VP Sheeraz even flew to Sydney for the occasion.

Sarah was delighted to meet so many artists in person that she’d previously only spoken to on the phone or through emails. “After the last pop-up, we realised how important it was to have a Bluethumb representative attending opening night,” she explains. “Sheeraz and I were both excited to go and put faces to the names we’ve known online for so long. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Kat, Ben, and Belinda and supporting them at our first pop-up in Sydney. I was overwhelmed by how many artists from the area attended the exhibition opening night in support of the trio involved. Sheeraz and I got a real sense of the scale and closeness of Bluethumb’s Sydney art community!”

Crowds at the Bluethumb Sydney Pop-Up Exhibition

The artists were thrilled by the large show of support.

The exhibiting artists were also thrilled by the support of their peers. The mixture of collectors, family, friends and fellow artists made for a diverse and lively evening.

“There was a big crowd and a lot of energy in the room, a real buzz,” says Ben Tankard. “It was brilliant that Sheeraz and Sarah could make it up from Melbourne, great to meet so many artists and supporters. The show was a lot of work to prepare, but on opening night we could relax and enjoy the experience.”

Belinda Nadwie was similarly grateful for all the support: “The connection with other Bluethumbers was fabulous, as was the attendance of Sarah and Sheeraz. We all sold paintings either prior to or related to the exhibition.”

Bluethumb Pop-Up in Sydney

Ben chatting with fellow Bluethumb artists in front of his artworks.

The Sydney pop-up was held at M2 Gallery in Surrey Hills, a large space that perfectly suited the large artworks on display. Each artist had one wall to cover with their works, with the two abstract artists at the front of the gallery. Ben’s signature Penguin book covers and Monopoly boards were towards the rear of the space, inviting people to flow through and perfectly complimenting the blue hues of the abstracts. Wine was flowing all night long, making for a very merry evening.

Kat Las paintings at Bluethumb Sydney Pop-Up Exhibition

A crowd gathering in front of Kat’s  paintings at the Bluethumb Sydney Pop-Up Exhibition.

“Exhibitions are a must as a professional artist to connect with buyers and show efforts of putting yourself out there,” explains Belinda, “I know that I was overdue for one and combining an exhibition with a huge online gallery seemed like the best way to go.”

Ben agrees that artists should exhibit regularly. “I think artists should try and have at least one show a year to reach new audiences and give people a chance to see their artworks in person. It’s also valuable for the artists to get lots of direct feedback about their work.”

With the crowdfunding model for the Bluethumb Pop-Up series, Bluethumb matches the $1000 raised by artists with an equal amount. The two figures combine to create the budget for the show, which the artists can allocate as they please.

Bluethumb Pop-Up in Sydney

Many Sydney-based Bluethumb artists attended, including Sally Browne, Wendy Orange, Alexandra Plim, Artisan Corner and Olga Kolesnik.

Back at Bluethumb HQ in Melbourne, we were thrilled for the Sydney pop-up in 2018 to go so well. Stay tuned for the possibility of more in 2019!

Kat Las at the Bluethumb Pop-Up in Sydney

Kat Las and friends in front of her sea of blue abstract landscapes.

Couldn’t make it to the event? There are still some artworks available. Click here to view the full catalogue of works.

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