5 Tips for Buying Living Room Wall Art

Gather in the most central room of your home and turn it into a striking space with stunning living room wall art. The room in which you entertain the most is where you show off your flair and style to wow your friends. Give this space a striking makeover with our 5 tips of selecting the perfect artwork to set the tone for all your future memories.

1. Make a statement

Go bold with a conversation starting artwork that’ll kickstart any social situation. Choose a striking abstract or a luscious landscape, pop open the wine and soon the fun will be flowing! Look for artworks with personal stories behind them, interesting technique or unusual subject matter – if in doubt, ask the artist for more information. Many artists provide details of their inspiration in their artwork descriptions.

Better yet – decide what the artwork means to you and tell everyone all about it!

2. Go big

The living room is often the largest in the house – which means it’s perfect for an oversized, dramatic piece. Play with scale by filling a blank wall with a large artwork to create stunning feature. Or, match the proportions of your couch with a large landscape piece to hang above it.

5 tips for choosing living room wall art on Bluethumb. Home of Australian artists.

Don’t be afraid of the extra large! Aquatic Silk by _Franko_ is 190cm x 100cm.

3. Make a gallery

If large art isn’t for you, try the opposite! Make like our PR & Comms Manager Freddy and create your own gallery wall. It’s a lot of fun, and leaves you plenty of freedom to change up the look by adding new pieces.

Liss Kamp prints in Aveo Newstead - Bluethumb's largest commercial project.

Combine multiple artworks for flexible effect! Don’t these prints by Liss Kamp look gorgeous?

4. Mix it up

Pair contrasting styles and colours together to give the space a breath of fresh air. Try a contemporary piece to balance out traditional furniture, or a more classic landscape to soften modern lines.

5 tips for choosing living room wall art

Pairing these trendy retro-inspired chairs with the classic softness of Li Zhou‘s still life paintings has given the room a balanced, easygoing atmosphere.

5. Frame it

Finish the piece off with a stunning frame to match your decor. Think outside of just neutral tones and try ornate gold frames or bold hues that complement the piece. For a cohesive look, match the frame to the style of your decor or furniture – think neutral oak frames in a Scandi-inspired setting or ornate gold for a rich Art Deco style.

Shipping framed artwork

Custom framing is the perfect way to link your brand new wall art with your existing decor.

Shop  living room wall art in our curation here.

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