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The best thing about working at Bluethumb is finding the best new and emerging artists before they take Australia by storm. Buying art from up-and-coming artists is not just good for the budget (though that is a definite plus), it’s also a great feeling to support young artists while they work to make a name for themselves – just think of yourself as a benefactor of Australia’s fine arts scene.

We’ve been impressed by three of Bluethumb’s relative newcomers, LLael McDonald from Melbourne, Emma Ward from Rockhampton, QLD, and Agata Kobus from Melbourne. Their work showcases a range of styles, from Llael’s Jeffrey Smart and Edward Hopper influences, to Emma’s colourful watercolours in the vein of Cherry Hood, to Agata’s musical oil paintings that have touches of Salvador Dali.

I Dare You by Llael McDonald

I Dare You, by Llael McDonald, is based on a dream from childhood. Buy it now for $850

Buy art by Llael McDonald

1,000 Friends by Llael McDonald tells the story of social media’s downfall. Buy it now for $1,275

Buy art by Emma Ward

Skull Candy by Emma Ward – death has never looked so good. Buy it now for $120

 Buy art by Emma Ward

Tussy Mussy by Emma Ward, a whimsical water colour lady of summer. Buy it now for $350

Buy art by Agata Kobus

Piano Tunes by Agata Kobus gives a wonderful nod to Dali. Buy it now for $2,450

Buy art by Agata Kobus

Cassia by Agata Kobus explores the colour of the natural world. Buy it now for $1,305

Don’t forget, now you can buy art on your iPhone with Bluethumb’s new iPhone app. Download it here free.

Birds in Flight by Llael McDonald
An ‘appy effect – Bluethumb App bumping up art sales

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