An ‘appy effect – Bluethumb App bumping up art sales

We’ve had great feedback so far on our recently launched iPhone App. Artists are telling us they love seeing their work displayed so beautifully on the small screen. One happy effect is a jump in sales – last night alone no less than four paintings sold on Bluethumb.

Surf Hut by Paul Roberts

Surf Hut by Paul Roberts, sold last night. Find more art by Paul Roberts here.

Some feedback from our artists:

“Great app by the way! I got it straight away 😉 not even any of the other online art sites seem to have apps yet so you guys are leading the way!” – Kelly Jade

“I love the very clean & polished video!!!! and the app works great! Very happy my artwork is on the video too. Just wanted to say a big thank you” – Mendo

Reflect by Jill Bryant

Reflect by Jill Bryant, sold last night. Find more art by Jill Bryant here.

Have you tried the app yet? Go on, it’s free, and it’s the easiest way to buy art that we can think of.

Birds in Flight by Llael McDonald

Birds in Flight by Llael McDonald, sold last night. Find more art by Llael McDonald here.

Find out more about the Bluethumb app here – Australia’s first art marketplace app!

July by Rick Jerrems

July by Rick Jerrems, sold last night. Find more art by Rick Jerrems here.

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