Texture Is the New Black: Impasto Art

While minimalistic textured artworks seems to be on trend at the moment, artists have been using impasto techniques for centuries. Used by the likes of Van Gogh and Monet, impasto art utilises thick applications of paint and other mediums to create a three dimensional effect on the canvas. The classic technique has since been experimented with and redefined by contemporary artists across the globe.
Textured art can elevate your space by adding dimension and interest to your walls. Explore some of our current favourite textured pieces in this curation.

Curated by Christina McDonald

About the Curator

Christina McDonald

Christina is Bluethumb's Social Media & Content Coordinator, here to keep you up to date with all things Bluethumb. Having previously worked as a Visual Artist, Christina has a deep and long-standing passion for the Arts. Christina's goal at Bluethumb is to help all of our artists achieve their full potential, and to help you find the perfect piece for your space.

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