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Ersu Turk
Ersu Turk

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Ink on paper


Freehand drawn abstract ink on paper. These start of as a random doodling and sometimes something comes out and sometimes a few things come out. Everything is freehand, and there is no tracing. I don't start with anything in mind and just let my feelings guide me. After it's done depending on which way it's held you can see different shapes. It could almost be considered a Rorschach test, as not everyone sees the same objects. As typical some say they see genitals or other pornographic images, but that's in the eye of the beholder. In this example the most prominent shape is 2 figures which reminded me of old cartoon robot

These would look great in a set of three side by side all framed in black. The work uses felt pen and a calligraphy style pen, using India Ink. On close inspection you can see the slightly different shades of black. The inks used are archival inks and should be fine if hung indoors and out of direct sunlight. The style is similar to those used in comic books except it's 100% freehand.

#maths, #fractal, #golden ratio, #ratio, #curves, #code, #robot, #robots, #freehand, #comic book, #drawing
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