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Zebras are probably the most recognisable creature on earth. Even children visiting a zoo who have never seen one will point and say "Look a zebra". The striking feature of these African animals is the unique pattern of dare I say it deep red (not really black) and white to coffee and ochre coloured stripes.

Normally I would never consider painting a zebra without painting the animal which has incredibly beautiful eyes. However, I decided to paint this zebra because the confusion it causes to the eye. It is a work that commands attention. Two onlookers having seen the painting in its developmental stage stated that the having the zebra's head reaching back over its chest caused confusion akin to an optical illusion. The ears add to that effect.

This painting is ready to hang but may be framed without issue.

Enjoy this as art or a conversation piece which hangs on your wall.

Any questions? Please contact me.


zebra, realism, trompe l'oeil, Africa, Confusion, plains animals