Sally Perrett
Sally Perrett

St Kilda, Australia

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Acrylic on stretched canvas.


Meet Colette, she’s bold, sassy and doesn’t give two hoots what others think of her!

My work is heavily influenced by textile and fashion design. When I am not in my studio, my sister and I run a boutique in Elwood. We witness daily the power fashion and colour has to lift ones mood, express their personality and transform the way they and others see themselves. I don’t condone to any fashion rules, I choose pieces that evoke an emotional reaction and encourages others to do the same. When I was younger I lived in a fairy dress because it made me feel like a bloody queen! I would adorn myself with crowns and elaborate accessories and toddle off to kindergarten. I am not quite so bold these days, I wish I was. Instead, I live vicariously through the girls I paint.

Colette was conceived years before she was painted in the form of a collage made up of magazine cuttings. I often turn to creating collages when I am lacking inspiration. I like the puzzle, problem solving nature of it. The images come about organically with no preconceived idea of their outcome. The portraits develops as the ‘pieces to puzzle’ reveal themselves amongst the magazine pages.

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