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Mixed Media on paper

Signed on the front.

This artwork is unframed. The image with the wall display is provided to give an idea how it might looked framed and hung on your wall.
My husband and I recently returned from an around Australia trip. While I completed 150 drawings during the trip (check my Instagram page - @artenjoyment), this is the first large, studio drawing that references images from our amazing experience. In the Cooktown Racecourse camp grounds, we were surrounded by beautiful, huge, old paperbarks. In the evening the sun glowed brilliantly through the paperbarks showcasing the gorgeous colours of the bark - a lovely spot to relax in the evening with our our drinks.

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Watercolour, watercolour pencils, pen on paper

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Unframed (requires framing)

This artwork is unframed and requires framing.

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Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Blue Sea is a monochromatic blue painting with just a touch golden light. It is painted in portrait format. The cloud fill sky takes up over half the canvas with a darker section of cloud at the top and a bit lower down on the right side.  Rain can be observed in the distance on the horizon of the left side. The foreground features choppy, turbulent ocean water with a large wave rising up towards the centre line of the canvas and crossing over the sky. The wave is starting to crash with a big foamy crest.A glowing cloudy sky meets the horizon just below the centre line of the canvas for Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Early Morning Walk. The sea is dark with ripple waves. The tide is going out exposing damp sand in the foreground and just a slick of water on the left side of the canvas with the some deeper water remaining to the right and in the distance. A couple of people and their dog are walking onto the area covered by the slick of remaining water at the left of centre in the mid-foreground.The top third of Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Green Sea features dark, threatening,  umber clouds with golden light seeping through from the rising sun.  At the left of the canvas, a dark, sea bird soars across the sky above the ocean. To the right the dark clouds rain heavily on the horizon. The dark blue and green ocean with big, turbulent, foamy waves fill the rest of the canvas.A cruise ship dominates  the right of canvas of Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Cruise Liner. A trail of large wind swept foamy waves follows in the wake of the ship. The horizon is just above a third from the bottom. The morning sun is peeping through clouds above the horizon at left of canvas. Towards the top right of canvas the clouds open to reveal the sky. Over half the sky has dark storm clouds forming a triangle from top right to the horizon on the left.
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