All Things Bright and Beautiful: Susan Trudinger’s Artist Picks

As you might have noticed, we’ve lately been sharing a few Bluethumb picks from some of our bestselling artists, such as Sally Browne, Ashvin Harrison and Erin Nicholls. This week, bright and beautiful nature artist Susan Trudinger tells all about the art collection of her dreams.

artist picks susan trudinger

Reef with Mangrove Trees by Johanna Hidebrandt.Susan has been selling her work through Bluethumb for some time, and selling consistently throughout all those years. Whether they take the form of a wide-scale landscape or an interior still-life, Susan’s pieces often depict elements of nature in her trademark vibrant, painterly style.

artist picks Susan Trudinger

Bowl of Apples with Tulips by Susan Trudinger.

Like many artists, Susan feels herself pulled towards pieces that mirror the brightness and subject matter she strives to capture  in her own work. “I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are landscapes and still life, that are brightly coloured and bold, technically proficient and have what I call the magic touch. A piece will first catch my eye then I will take a closer look to see how the work has been painted. I am fairly critical with my own work and those of other artists so the paintings I have chosen as my favourites on Bluethumb are special.”

artist picks by Susan Trudinger

Bouquet by Karen McPhee.

She goes on, “I also seem to gravitate towards painting that have birds in the landscape because they represent freedom to me and I always have birds in my own paintings. I like to see how other artists have interpreted or treated them. Although I don’t normally look at abstract art I have chosen a couple here because they evoke the landscape in a strong and convincing way.”

artist picks by Susan Trudinger

Gould Finch Landscape by John Graham.

“My top favourite artists on Bluethumb are John Graham, Katarina Apale and Tillian,” says Susan. “I am particularly drawn towards the colour, composition and technical expertise these artists have in their work. I think a good composition is the foundation of a strong painting and I believe the artists I have chosen as my favourites have achieved this. Their paintings cry out to be viewed. To me they are very accomplished artists who have a natural talent. They have have a strength and magic in their work and I am always eager to see their latest uploaded work.”

You can see all of Susan’s selections here.

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