Artist Picks from Ashvin Harrison

We love what our artists love, and this week we’ve been lucky enough to see a few picks from bestselling artist Ashvin Harrison, in his curation all about light and shade.

According to Ashvin, his own artworks depict both the harsh reality of existence, in their black and white charcoal drawings, as well as his own human emotions, in their bright splashes of colour. He says, “I create art as motivation for tomorrow. I focus on the positives in life through what I consider visually beautiful, emotionally engaging or cognitively stimulating.”

Ashvin Harrison art picks

Ashvin paints a variety of subjects, including many from the animal kingdom.

In terms of Ashvin’s selections, he tells us that “The works I’ve chosen to present hold a sense of beauty and intrigue through shadow and light. With a fascination in ‘beauty’, I seek to understand more about how beautiful forms are created and why they are significant to us.”

Ashvin Harrison art picks

Ashvin working on the charcoal foundation for a new piece in his studio.

“As I browsed through the extensive catalog of art on Bluethumb,” he says, “I selected pieces that used shadow and light to create beauty. I notice the dark sections of art pieces first as this is where I start personally with my art creations. I’m then drawn in by the highlights and sense of light in these art pieces as I begin to connect with the artwork and artist’s thoughts and emotions.”

Ashvin Harrison art picks

One of Ashvin’s favourite pieces on Bluethumb right now: Ecstatic Energy by Elaine Greene.


Ashvin Harrison art picks

Ashvin uses a variety of tools in his art practice, including a blow torch!

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