The Wave Series Exhibition – Annette Spinks

Bluethumb bestseller Annette Spinks will be exhibiting her ocean inspired Wave Series at Manyung Gallery from Saturday 31st October.  Inspired by her love of the local beaches in her hometown of Inverloch, this exhibition includes an exciting collection of her most recent works. “Sometimes I’m inspired by actually being in the ocean and having a wave almost crash on me,” says Annette. “That’s the sort of feeling I want [in my paintings].”

Annette’s large-scale works take months to create by building layers of resin and paint. This technique gives her works amazing depth and a three-dimensional quality. Photos don’t do her work justice; you can only appreciate the size, vibrancy and texture when you see her paintings in person.

Earlier this year, Annette invited us to her studio for a sneak peak of this series and to watch her in action. See a preview of Annette’s Wave Series and the artist at work in our video below.

Annette Spinks presents The Wave Series

Manyung Gallery, 113a Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento

31 October – 25 November

Find more of Annette’s incredible art for sale on her gallery page here.

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