Blue night hydrangea by Sophie Lawrence.

Top 10 Artists of 2022

In 2022, Bluethumb collectors preferred large-scale abstract artworks. When you discover our established sellers‘ skills and unique styles, it’s clear why. In no particular order, we present the top 10 artists of 2022! 

Sophie Lawrence

Sophie Lawrence has gone from strength to strength since joining Bluethumb in 2019. Her paint layered artworks are a textural delight with a rich depth of colour and visual intrigue. Sophie specialises in creating vibrant large-scale floral paintings and joyful landscapes inspired by her Canberra surroundings. 

Blue night hydrangea by Sophie Lawrence.

Blue Night Hydrangea by Sophie Lawrence.

Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie is a multi-media Sydney-based artist. Her repetiteur includes charcoal, spray paint, oil paint, and pastels. Belinda says emotion is the driving force behind her visually-balanced artworks. Belinda’s blending of brushstrokes and soft colour pallet creates a sense of light and movement similar to Monet. 

You're Always Beautiful by Belinda Nadwie.

You’re Always Beautiful by Belinda Nadwie.

Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter’s artistic flair sparked from following along to a Bob Ross tutorial with her children. Nominated a rising star in 2019, the Yarra Valley-based artist quickly became a best-selling Bluethumb artist. Tania’s detailed study of natural wonders includes ever-changing earth and cloud formations.

The Billabong Of Dreams by Tania Chanter.

The Billabong Of Dreams by Tania Chanter.


Franko is a Queensland-based artist specialising in energetic large-format abstract, urban, and Pop Art styles. Inspired by artists like Banksy and Andy Warhol, Franko’s artworks are displayed in homes and commercial settings across Australia.

Franko with his artwork Rusted Motion.

Franko with his artwork Rusted Motion.

Angela Roskell

Goldcoast- based artist, Angela Roskell creates free-flowing acrylic abstracts inspired by Australia’s wonderfully diverse landscapes. Angela harnesses rich earth-toned colours and artfully controlled paint flow to create a calm and fluid feel in her large-scale work.

Earth Unfolds by Angela Roskell.

Earth Unfolds by Angela Roskell.

Theo Papathomas

Theo Papathomas’ abstract artworks elicit the spirit of Australian landscapes. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Theo explores seasonal change through the application of colour. Rich red tones and blue-grey pigment arouse images of sweltering central Australia and cool autumn mornings.

Splendour by Theo Papathomas.

Splendour by Theo Papathomas.

George Hall

George Hall is a multi-media artist based in Sydney Australia. His work is energetic, calming and whimsical, and reflects the semi-tropical colours of his Fijian childhood and the dazzling hues of Australian nature and urban life. George loves turning mistakes into ideas and is equally adept at observing and breaking formal rules, where necessary.

George pictured beside his artwork,Uluru-Kata Tjuta

George pictured beside his artwork, Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

Cheryl Harrison

Cheryl Harrison creates large-scale minimalist abstract artworks. Popular amongst interior designers, Cheryl’s contemporary artworks feature a limited colour pallet and exercise excellent use of positive and negative space. Cheryl creates alongside her fellow-artist Husband, Pez, from the sanctuary of their Port Douglass home studios.

Immersion by Cheryl Harrison.

Immersion by Cheryl Harrison.

Gabriela Azar Schreiner

Gabriela Azar Schreiner is an Argentinian born Australian painter based in Melbourne. A self-taught artist, Gabriela embraces an intuitive approach to painting, letting colours and emotions guide her. Her compositions are instantly noticeable for their captivating colour palette and dynamic brushstrokes.

The Wind Rose Up by Gabriela Azar Schreiner.

The Wind Rose Up by Gabriela Azar Schreiner.

Jonathan Redmayne

Sydney-based artist, Jonathan Redmayne, orchestrates organic shapes and contrasting colours into visually explosive artworks. Johnathan’s colourful acrylic paintings have a complexity and vitality that disrupts and captivates attention.

The Vault pt 5 by Jonathan Redmayne.

The Vault pt5 by Jonathan Redmayne.

Congratulations to the top 10 artists of 2022. It’s no easy feat, as there’s a vast selection of original artworks for collectors to peruse and purchase, with over 20,000 artists on Bluethumb.

Check out this week’s curation, Top 10 Artists of 2022. You might fall in love with a large-scale abstract!

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