5 Golden Rules for Bedroom Styling

Whilst we all know that a good night’s sleep sets us up for a good day ahead, how many of us put purpose into the space in which we spend our sleeping hours? It’s time to re-focus our bedrooms into a restful retreat from the chaos of our day. Find our five golden rules for bedroom styling from Bluethumb’s Interior Designer Alexandra below.

Rule 1: Create from a blank canvas

Inside the Style Curator's home

Style Curator Gina Ciancio‘s white-walled home is the perfect neutral base that she tailors with pops of colour.

First things first: bedroom styling done right requires a neutral or white base to your chamber. It keeps things fresh-looking and gives the illusion of spaciousness, which is always a plus! What’s more, with a neutral wall colour, it’s easier to employ other colours through your linens, decor and furniture for small pops of colour and to stop the space from looking too sterile.

Rule 2: Details make all the difference

A photograph of Alexandra Stavrou's bedroom styling: an abstract artwork hangs over a bed with soft furnishings

Bluethumb Interior Designer Alexandra leads by example with her own bedroom styling.

With our base to bedroom styling sorted, Alexandra brings us nicely into our next point: the devilish details. “With our neutral palette as a perfect starting point, you can build up colour using art and soft furnishings, and change the colour palette up with the seasons. Think light and bright colours for summer, and darker, more moody colours for winter.”

Rule 3: Art belongs in the bedroom, too

gallery wall in kids room at Sally Browne's

Talk about kids rooms goals! Bluethumb bestseller Sally Browne‘s daughters are lucky to have their own gallery wall in their shared bedroom.

Choosing an artwork that compliments your choice of decor is one thing, but we encourage you to choose a piece that sparks delight. Whether it’s a landscape that reminds you of personal havens, or a dreamy abstract, there’s guaranteed to be a piece to lull you into a peaceful slumber. “Consider a gallery wall or pairs of artworks to fill bigger spaces,” Alexandra advises. “This is a nice alternative to one big statement piece. Not only are they cheaper to collect this way; you can also bring out more of your own personality into the space. We don’t need to stick to just walls, either – using shelves is a great way of getting little sparks of joy into the room’s various nooks.”

Bestselling artist Marnie McKnight calls this room the ‘Pink & Purple Room’, for self-explanatory reasons! We love the layering of multiple artworks with a plush amount of soft furnishings.

Rule 4: Let your light shine

One of my favourite things about the Koala Bed Frame is the space behind the headboard to store pillows. I like to sleep with just one pillow so now have a place to store the second. I also love the way the frame has holes for cables and is easy to clip reading lights to. It's so ergonomically designed and feels like it was made especially for me. As with the sheets, there was same day delivery and it took minutes to put together.

With soft natural light and ambient bedside lighting, Bluethumb’s Head of PR Freddy has the best of both types of brilliance.

Just like any other space in your home, “layering” your lighting throughout your bedroom plays a major role in ambience architecture. “Small lamps can focus light for reading, and accent light helps to wash the walls in soft illumination. Ideally, we want to be using light to power down after a long day,” Alexandra says. Similarly, using lighting well can help make a space look bigger; try setting mirrors to reflect light to your advantage when styling your bedroom.

Master bedroom with floral duvet and Marnie McKnight abstract

Good lighting? Check. Neutral base? Check. A strong statement piece by a Bluethumb bestseller? Check. Bluethumb veteran Sally Browne shows us how bedroom styling is done!

Rule 5: Go green

Pink chair, house plants and traditional fireplace painted white

Bluethumb Co-founder George Hartley‘s love of plants infiltrates perfectly into his bedroom interiors.

Bringing greenery into your sanctuary is a one-stop way to wellness. Given the abundance of benefits nature has on our mental and physical health, the calming element that living plants provide is matchless in bedroom styling. Plants literally never go out of style! Of course, for those of us who love plants, but not the maintenance, there’s a lush supply of artworks tipping their hats to the plant as perfect subject matter.

bedroom in George Hartley's art filled home

George purchased this drawing by Sarah Tracton at our Crosspoint Perceptions pop up in 2017. It now hangs with its verdant pairing perfectly!

Looking for more interior tips? Alexandra and our Art Advisory team are here to lend a helping hand. Free of charge and fuss, you can get started by clicking here.

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