Art Collector’s Home: Interior Stylist & Influencer Gina Ciancio

Ever wondered how the design professionals live? Us too and it certainly lives up to expectations! In a leafy suburb of Canberra, interior stylist and popular lifestyle blogger Gina Ciancio, a.k.a. the Style Curator, lives with her growing family and runs her own styling business.

The design guru opens the doors of her bespoke architect-designed home to give us a tour inside and answer all our art related questions.

Gina Ciancio of the Style Curator

Gina Ciancio is the editor of the Style Curator and a professional interior stylist.

Tell us about your home.

I’d describe our home as contemporary Australian. A local architect Rob Henry designed the house, which is clad in black metal and has sections of red brick to tie into the traditional homes in our suburb. Inside, I made all the selections which was a bit daunting at the time but I love that the space is our own. Polished concrete floors, high ceilings and black fixtures are just a few of my favourite features. I live here with my young son Patrick, husband and Rottweiler dog Arnie (with another baby due in Spring).

Style Curator

Gina Ciancio with her son Patrick.

Have you always been interested in art?

I’ve always loved art and as a child admired my parent’s collection of original art. It was only in my late 20s though that I began my own art collection – I think when I was younger I assumed original art was too expensive to be attainable; influenced by visiting high end galleries and not having many options to discover emerging artists or connect with artists directly.

When I began becoming active on Instagram though, it broke down that divide and all of a sudden you could connect directly with artists. It was through Instagram that I discovered Annie Everingham who was just beginning her career and I commissioned her to create a large piece for my home – this started my real love and interest in art and I’ve been collecting ever since!

Style Curator's house

Gina Ciancio is drawn towards bright abstract pieces. See her blog about her favourite abstract artists on Bluethumb here.

I love that the Bluethumb platform makes it easy to discover artists and browse their original works. My latest two art pieces – a large Marnie McKnight piece in my living room and a Lauren Danger piece in my study – are both from Bluethumb.

Style Curator's kitchen

The contemporary home has an open floor plan, making it a great space for entertaining.

What drove you to collect art?

Moving into our new house, I was eager to turn it into a home and I think filling your walls with art you love is one of the easiest ways to do that – it instantly adds colour and interest, and tells a story about the people who live there.

Do you have a favourite style?

Abstract art is definitely a favourite but I’m keen to expand my collection to include some more minimalist line pieces, such as those from Angus Martin, and some Indigenous art too.

interior design

Marnie McKnight‘s piece, Forever and a Day is the focal point of Gina’s stylish living room.

I look for pieces that make me feel happy or that reveal something different every time I look at them.

Style Curator

One of Gina Ciancio’s favourite styling tricks is a blooming floral arrangement.

When buying art, do you buy it to suit the space or design the space around the artwork?

Generally I’ll use the artwork as the inspiration for a space – picking out a few colours to then use as the colour palette for the rest of the space. But at times I’ll be styling a client’s home and they already have furniture and many key pieces, and simply need advice on the best artwork and smaller decor to finish the space.

Art by Lauren Danger

This artwork by Lauren Danger looks gorgeous nestled next to Gina Ciancio’s immaculately styled shelf!

What do you love about Bluethumb?

Definitely how easy it is to discover thousands of artists with the click of a mouse and the ability to sort by style, price, colour etc. The only problem with Bluethumb is too much choice!

Gina's bright study space

Finally Gina Ciancio, do you have any advice for budding collectors?

My advice would vary depending on whether you’re collecting art as an investment or for your personal love of art.

If it’s just for you, then buy what you love – look for pieces that make you feel something, or that use colours or a style that complements your home.

If you’re looking for investment pieces, then discovering emerging artists is a great way to go. You can often tell someone who is beginning a great career as they are perhaps entering their works into many art shows, funding their own solo exhibition, doing interesting collaborations (for example, I discovered Annie Everingham when she did a collaboration with BioPak coffee cups) and are actively building a name for themselves in the art world.

Inside the Style Curator's home

Gina Ciancio brings life to her white-walled home with pops of colour.

Style Curator's bathroom interior

Bathroom interior

Love Gina Ciancio’s style? Get the look with artwork by her favourite abstract artists on Bluethumb here.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Classy . ? Curious though, why so bland ? I cant see much art? All artists or collectors l know have dozens of painting ,sculpters pottery etc., “swamping” their homes.

    Cheers Gini

  2. Susan Renee Ghosn says:

    Your home and art collection are beautiful and reflect your own personal style. Congratulations!

  3. Marion Parker says:

    Ciao Gina!
    I enjoyed the article and it’s inspired me to get back into focussing on brightly coloured abstracts a lot more….especially on big canvases. I have the taj mahal of easels so will get cracking this weekend!
    I also like the way you bring fresh flowers into your home that seem to compliment and tie into the artworks. Wonderful.

  4. Sandra Messner. says:

    I really enjoyed this article. As an emerging artist it has given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing this .

  5. Justin Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing the information. I will consider this blog for my new home in Canberra.

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