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As much of the country continues to spend time at home, it’s no surprise to learn that house-related rejigs and revamps are on the up. Interior design may sound like something you need to call the experts in for; why bother, when ours can come to you? Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned interiors master or a keen novice, we’ve rounded up some of our choicest counsel on making the most of your time at home, with the guidance of Bluethumb interiors guru, Alexandra Stavrou.

tips for buying art at an art fair

The face behind the service: Bluethumb’s interior designer and art advisory Alexandra leaves this attendee dazzled at a recent event

Up-to-Date with This Year’s Interiors?

Alexandra isn’t psychic, but her knowledge of interior trends comes pretty close. Pantone’s colour of the year, classic blue, was the hue to soothe that we all needed for the weirdest kick-off to a decade. On top of that, we’ve seen a steady rise in a change of style and homeowners turning to the bespoke: a “fun trend that shouldn’t be taken too seriously,” as Alex noted. “Anything goes, and why not? It’s all about combining different colours, textures and embracing your personal style.” What better time to find out what that style is than right now? Check out Alex’s previous predictions for this year’s interior trends and see if she was right by clicking here

hanging multiple artworks

Eclectic clutter was one of this year’s forecasted trends; PR & Comms manager and anti-minimalist Freddy Grant couldn’t have been happier about it. Click here to sneak a peek into his art-filled haven of a home!

Bringing the Office Home

There’s no skirting the fact many of us will be working from home at the moment. Along with the bonus of pants being optional and the downsides of not being far enough from the fridge, comes the opportunity to create your own workspace. Our recent blog on working from home looked at some general tips and tricks on bringing the office vibe into a designated part of your space without impinging on the congenial intimacy that makes a house a home.

wokring from home organisation

Our Interior Designer Alexandra’s pegboard is organisation goals! How cute is this artwork from Andria Beighton‘s Snippet series?

What was it you liked about the office space you created? And what about the things that made the idea of working from home more desirable? Now that the time is here, tapping into the things that foster productivity is key. Inspire creative thinking with bright, warm colours. Lose the limits on “how much is too much”; take your time and choose art and decor that makes you feel good. This is the perfect moment to support local, independent artists, so consider those who are local when browsing for your workspace setup. Click here for more ideas on choosing art for the office or get a head start with our handy Art for the Home Office curation.

Artist at home

Blank walls, be gone! Ying Huang shows us how to make even the most menial tasks more enjoyable

Hallway? More Like Hall of Fame: Interiors for That Oft-Forgotten Space

Being the first thing most of us see as we come home, it’s surprising that we don’t give our hallways the attention they deserve. Think about opening the door to a space that brings warmth and character – just like the rest of your home! There’s no reason the hallway can’t become a hub of personality too. By choosing artwork in a shape that compliments the form of the space and using mirrors that double the depth, you can instantly transform the everyday corridor into so much more. Lure visitors into your home with a statement piece at the end of the hallway, such as the ones in our hallway curation. Click here to read more on giving your house the red-carpet treatment with hallway art.

Hallway with striped rug and two large artworks

Bestseller Sally Browne has left no space unloved in her home – her hallway is the perfect place to exhibit her own artworks

How to Choose Instagrammable Interiors

Choosing reliable sources with investment in independent businesses and artists makes all the difference to the finishing look of your home. Bluethumb has been recognised on all manner of platforms as a go-to hub of artwork and interior inspo; art from various Bluethumb artists has previously been featured on Selling Houses Australia as a notable starting point for interior flair. Take a leaf out of Shaynna Blaze’s book and create stylish themes throughout your home. The power of art is transformative, so get ahead of the curve with art for every room – including the bedroom, living room, kids room and more. Need help hanging it? Get the lowdown from our PR & Comms Manager Freddy Grant here  –  his stunning single story home has been featured on Apartment Therapy, and Broadsheet!

art on selling houses Australia

Dinah Wakefield‘s piece Nautilus (left) was featured on Selling Houses Australia to nourish a sense of peace and restoration

If you’re looking for a fresh buzz of originality, some of our bestselling artists are also our most avid collectors! Check out our Collectors Home Series for some strong pointers on styling your digs from the likes of Steve Munro and Sally Browne. These artists are the first to tip their hat to the technical skill of others; take a look at their top picks in our curations.

You can find artwork from interiors favourite Stephanie Laine and others in our curation of art for the bedroom

To get the professional look with a personal touch, our interior designer Alex recently put together a comprehensive list of her top tips that can be used for all sorts of spaces. You can even get custom guidance from the guru by using our complimentary art advisory service. Simply fill in the contact form with a quick run-down of the area you’re working with and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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