Top 10 Artists of 2023

In 2023, Bluethumb collectors showed a strong preference for large-scale abstract artworks. Explore the unique styles of our Australian artists, and you’ll quickly grasp why these pieces gained such popularity. In no particular order, we are pleased to introduce the Top 10 Artists who captured the attention of collectors in 2023!

Sophie Lawrence

Since joining Bluethumb in 2019, Sophie Lawrence has consistently excelled in her artistic practice. Sophie specialises in crafting lively, large-scale floral paintings and cheerful landscapes, drawing inspiration from her scenic surroundings of Canberra. Her acrylic artworks are a sensory delight, with a profound depth of colour and visual fascination created through layering paint.

Field and Flower Blue by Sophie Lawrence.


Franko, an artist based in Queensland, specialises in creating dynamic, large-format artworks in abstract, urban, and Pop Art styles. Drawing inspiration from notable artists like Banksy and Andy Warhol, Franko’s pieces adorn homes and commercial spaces throughout Australia.

Bye Felicia by Franko.

Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter’s artistic journey began whilst participating in a Bob Ross painting tutorial with her children. Recognised as a rising star in 2019, this Yarra Valley-based artist swiftly rose to become one of Bluethumb’s best-selling artists. Tania’s work studies the beauty of natural wonders, capturing the dynamic essence of ever-changing earth and cloud formations.

Infinite Winding Dreams by Tania Chanter.

Wendy Moore

Brisbane-based contemporary artist Wendy Moore specialises in creating bold, large-scale abstract artworks that radiate a deep affection for life and vibrant hues. She won the 2023 Bluethumb Art Prize Founders’ Award. Her signature statement pieces on natural linen draw inspiration from her travels around Australia and growing up in a rural town.

Angela Roskell

Angela Roskell, an artist based on the Gold Coast, channels her creativity into crafting free-flowing acrylic abstracts that draw inspiration from Australia’s remarkably diverse landscapes. Utilising a palette of rich earth-toned colours and skillfully controlling the flow of paint, Angela achieves a serene and fluid atmosphere in her large-scale artworks.

Flowing Sands by Angela Roskell.

Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie, an artist based in Sydney, describes emotion as the driving force behind her visually-balanced artworks. For her, it’s about finding peace within oneself, being present in the moment, and embracing light and positivity. Belinda’s skilful blending of brushstrokes and soft colour palettes impart a sense of light and movement reminiscent of Monet’s artistry.

A Place To Dream by Belinda Nadwie.

Gabriela Azar Schreiner

Gabriela Azar Schreiner, an Australian painter born in Argentina, is a self-taught artist who embraces an intuitive approach to her craft. Allowing colours and emotions to guide her, Gabriela’s compositions stand out for their captivating colour palette and dynamic brushstrokes. Gabriela’s paintings are the result of sheer passion and feeling.

Calm Reflections by Gabriella Azar Schreiner.

Jonathan Redmayne

Based in Sydney, Jonathan Redmayne demonstrates a masterful skill in orchestrating organic shapes and contrasting colours, creating visually explosive artworks. His vibrant acrylic paintings possess complexity and vitality that disrupt and captivate attention, making them a favourite among collectors seeking to curate eye-catching, maximalist interior designs.

Shuteye pt3 by Jonathan Redmayne.

Robbi Neal

Robbi Neal faced discouragement in pursuing her deep yearning to paint while growing up in a strict religious family. However, in 2020, after her youngest of five children left home, she set up a studio under the carport of her home in Ballarat. Since joining Bluethumb in 2021, she has become a prolific seller, embracing her passion for art that was once stifled.

Cheryl Harrison

Cheryl Harrison specialises in crafting large-scale minimalist abstract artworks. Her contemporary pieces exhibit a limited colour palette and mastery of positive and negative space. Alongside her fellow artist husband, Pez, Cheryl paints from the tranquil environment of their home studios in Port Douglas.

Haven by Cheryl Harrison.

Congratulations to the top 10 artists of 2023! Achieving this recognition is no small feat, with over 20,000 artists showcasing their talent on Bluethumb.

Check out this week’s Top 10 Artists of 2023 curation and fall in love with a large-scale abstract today!

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  1. Timothy Michael Standly Silver says:

    interesting as always

  2. I would be interested to know, what criteria was applied to determine the top 10 artists of 2023?

  3. Kay Hingston says:

    A message for GEORGE HAIDAR. please.
    Hi George I have finally opened the Monet canvas of the “Flower Girl” as I have moved into my new home. I am absolutely in awe of the magnificent canvas you have produced for me. It is amazing – I just love it. It is very large and is stunning in my dining room. Thank you so much. Warmest wishes, Kay.

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