October's Trending Artists

By Freddy Grant

About this Curation

Fallen in love with an artwork and don’t want to lose sight of it? There one minute, gone the next? We've all experienced the elusive artwork. Forget the screenshots, scribbling down names and saving links. Simply add it to your favourites (just hit the blue heart next to the artwork's title) to never lose a piece again.

Whether it's artists storming the popular pages with lots of favourites and views, or a new work by one of this month's bestsellers, this curation looks at October's trending artists. Expect a selection of stunners by both Established Sellers and Rising Stars, as well as pieces by fresh discoveries we know won't be sticking around for long.

About the Curator

Freddy is Bluethumb's Head of PR & Comms and part of the curatorial team. He is the lead on many of Bluethumb’s key initiatives including the Bluethumb Art Prize and our Indigenous art centre platform.

A day in the life includes coordinating art shows, projects and events, writing press releases and guest articles, and passionately promoting Bluethumb and our artists.

Freddy is also one of Bluethumb’s best customers.

110cm (W) x 110cm (H)


150cm (W) x 120cm (H)


152cm (W) x 61cm (H)


30cm (W) x 60cm (H)


101cm (W) x 101cm (H)


70cm (W) x 100cm (H)

Mixed Media

50cm (W) x 50cm (H)


46cm (W) x 60cm (H)


154cm (W) x 103cm (H)


76cm (W) x 76cm (H)


150cm (W) x 100cm (H)


200cm (W) x 110cm (H)

Mixed Media