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10 Bluethumb Artists Seen on Your TV

It always excites us when Bluethumb artists are featured on our TVs, especially when it’s to celebrate their incredible artwork. You may have seen these artists feature on various Australian reality TV shows, with their pieces donning contestant rooms and houses on the market. Looking to replicate a favourite room reveal at home? Click to view these artists currently available artworks on Bluethumb here.

Which artists were featured on The Block:

The Block is a popular home renovation Australian reality TV series, running on Channel 9 for 18 seasons. It follows four to five couples competing against each as they renovate and style a house, with the aim to sell each house at auction for the highest price. This show has featured many of our Bluethumb artists over the years, with their works chosen by competitors to use in their renovated homes. The artists below feature specifically in the 2022′ Season 18. 

1. Jen Shewring 

Jen Shewring is a Melbourne based contemporary artist, whose bright and colourful paintings are inspired by nature. Her popularity has seen her achieve Rising Star status, as one of Bluethumb’s top sellers. You may have seen her work on The Block, with her piece on display in Tom and Sarah-Jane’s master bedroom. 

Still Into You by Jen Shewring

Still Into You by Jen Shewring.

2. Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe is a Castlemaine local, and has been creating art in various forms his whole adult life. Nature surrounding his homeland is his biggest inspiration, his artworks featuring earthy colours and strong lines. Success has resulted in him achieving Collectable status at Bluethumb, with his artworks resulting in multiple prize finalists and solo exhibitions. 

Moonlight Flat by Michael Wolfe

Moonlight Flat by Michael Wolfe.

3. Theo Papathomas

Theo Papathomas is a Melbourne based experimental artist, using various mediums and styles in his pieces. His work is inspired by the Australian landscape and experimenting with the changing seasons us Australians regularly deal with. Theo’s artworks have gained him success, being established as one of Bluethumb’s best selling artists

Bouquet of Love by Theo Papathomas

Bouquet of Love by Theo Papathomas.

4. Franko

Franko is a Brisbane based artist, who specialises in producing large format abstract, urban, pop, and abstract realism style artworks. He has been a top selling artist with Bluethumb for many years, with hundreds of artworks sold. His work has featured in numerous renovation and lifestyle TV shows.

Sorrento Teal by Franko

Sorrento Teal by Franko.

Which artists were featured on Selling Houses Australia:

Selling Houses Australia is an Australian reality and lifestyle TV series, running on the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel for 14 seasons. It follows property owners who are having difficulties selling their home, bringing in property experts to help assess and renovate the houses. The show has highlighted artworks from many Bluethumb Australian artists works previously, with these three featured in the 2022 season. 

5. Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie creates abstract landscapes, with the use of oil paint, charcoal, spray paints and oil crayons. These pieces use colour to express a spectrum of moods, allowing art buyers many options to choose what artwork they want in their space. Belinda has sold hundreds of artworks with Bluethumb, becoming a regular best seller. 

All That Glitters 2 by Belinda Nadwie

All That Glitters 2 by Belinda Nadwie.

6. Natalie Uhrik

Natalie Uhrik is a Sydney based artist, whose artworks fuse eclectic, bohemian, and modern styles. She is inspired by nature and surrounding environments, using multiple layers and mediums to create these pieces. Natalie has a strong emphasis on texture, which she creates with a build up of layers. Her artworks have resulted in several prize nominations, as well as been featured in 2 properties in Selling Houses Australia 2022. 

Glow From Within by Natalia Uhrik

Glow From Within by Natalia Uhrik.

7. Martine Vanderspuy

Martine Vanderspuy is a Sydney based artist, who has used her lifetime love affair with the sea as inspiration for her artworks. She creates aerial inspired resin art, which depict realistic views of the ocean. These pieces are large and bold, portraying the waters from their most calm, to their most violent. 

Paradise Beach Ed. 6 of 25 by Martine Vanderspuy

Paradise Beach Ed. 6 of 25 by Martine Vanderspuy.

Which artists were featured on House Rules:

House Rules is an Australian reality home renovation TV show that aired on Seven Network. It followed state-based teams, who renovated each other’s homes. The team with the highest scores at the end were prized winners. This series ran for 8 seasons, with several Bluethumb artists’ works displayed in the renovated homes, with these three featured in the 2020 season. 

8. Sally Browne

Sally Browne is a Sydney based still life painter, working predominantly with watercolours and oils. She takes inspiration from nature, specifically flora and fauna, and the birds within those environments. Sally’s pieces have successfully granted her finalist positions in several prizes, including the Bluethumb Art Prize.

Female Fairywren & Spring Eucalyptus by Sally Browne.

Female Fairywren & Spring Eucalyptus by Sally Browne.

9. Kerry Leigh

Kerry Leigh is a Western Australian artist who creates textured artworks using thick impasto paints. These pieces are three dimensional, with texture, patterns, structure and bright colours. Kerry focuses on various styles, but abstract florals and confetti’s are her major focus. 

Flowers CXLII by Kerry Leigh

Flowers CXLII by Kerry Leigh.

10. Nadia Culph

Nadia Culph is a photographic artist who manipulates and controls light in her photographs to dramatic effect. She focuses on nature, with the emphasis on appreciating the little things. Nadia is inspired by nature and native flora in particular, intrigued by striking colours and unusual patterns she finds. Her work in on display at our Richmond gallery, and has been a finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize.

Kodjet Ed. 1 of 50 by Nadia Culph.

Kodjet Ed. 1 of 50 by Nadia Culph.

These Bluethumb artists and more have had their artworks featured on these renovation reality TV shows over several years. You can view their artworks in this curation here.

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