Art Inspiration for Your Beach House Haven

Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a beach-side mansion all year round, or you just use the summer months to escape down the coast, your beach house retreat should be as relaxing as possible.

The perfect way to complete your secret haven? Art of course! We may be a little biased, but the logic is simple; surround yourself with images that remind you of the natural beauty outside and you’ll be kicking back in no time.

Need a little beach art #inspo? Here’s 5 examples of pieces we love from beach homes around the country.

An Abstract to Sooth

We love this piece from Bec Schopen, Whispers on the Ocean. The cool, calm colours cast a soothing atmosphere over Bec’s beach-side living room, and allow it to blend in perfectly with her minimal, coastal style. According to Bec, “The mint, turquoise and gold hues are a direct influence of my coastal environment, evoking a dreamy and fluid feel.”

Beach house art

The colours and scale of this artwork look great in its surroundings, which have an overall laid-back and modern look.

Break the Rules, Go Bright

Who says that all beach art has to conform to that traditional ‘beachy’ colour scheme? Julee Latimer, the artist behind these three colourful pieces, says that this bedroom belongs to a tiny coastal cottage. “It breaks all the rules about artwork by the beach, favouring the funky brights over the watery blues.” Whoever gets to live here has done an amazing job of coordinating those bright pops of colour – the space feels fun and energetic! 

Bright beach house art

Artwork in beach houses is traditionally pared back and muted, but these colours dare to be bold! Pictured: You Crease Me Up, Let’s Turn Back Lime and Roll Your Own

Cool and Comfortable

A beach house should be somewhere low maintenance and easy to relax in – thanks to the art on the walls, such as this piece by Virginia McGowan, this home looks like the perfect balance between ease and personality. 

Beach apartment art

The artwork in this home makes its clean design feel cozy and personal – the perfect place to spend a summer break! Image source: @islandpointinteriors.

A Simple, Botanical Beach House

This stunning King Protea botanical print from Hayley Kruger perfectly complements a simple, minimal space, creating an atmosphere of calm and freshness. Using botanical art in your space is also a lovely homage to stunning Australian wildlife.

Beach house botanical art.

This botanical piece is simple yet stunning. It fits perfectly with the simple, fresh setting.

A Chance to Experiment

Beach houses can be a great chance to experiment with fun, different styles. This piece by Sherry McCourtWell Suited, has a vintage, ‘Puberty Blues’ kind of feeling, emphasised by the colours and feeling of the decor around it. The beach is Sherry’s year-round neighbourhood. As she puts it, “I live in a beach area, so painting my natural surrounds is a given. As a figurative artist who uses vintage materials as a support, putting it all together is great fun.”

beach house art vintage

This piece is the perfect focal point for any beach home with a vintage feel.

Add Some Life to Your Home Away from Home

Homey accents are a lovely addition to any beach house, but chances are that most of your possessions don’t come along for the holiday. Art is an easy way to brighten a blank wall – it doesn’t have to look overly stylised! This piece from Carmen Griffen, inspired by her love of the Great Barrier Reef, adds colour and life to a space that, despite its collection of knick-knacks, might otherwise look a little bare.  

Homey beach house fish art

This artwork adds colour and life to an otherwise blank wall.

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